"Jsi taková zvláštní."

Translation:You are kind of strange.

May 8, 2018

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Just to make sure I understand. The "you" in this sentence is feminine, takový would be a strange male. Correct?


So far, my only understanding of how to translate Takový is that it means such, so in trying to translate this sentence, I tried "You are such a strange woman," inferring that the speaker is talking to a woman, but this is wrong, as I guess here zvláštní isn't taking the form of a noun. Does Takový always mean Kind Of when it modifies an adjective, or is there ever an interpretation that is closer to Such with this sentence structure? I could just memorize what the right answers are for these lessons, but I would prefer to be able to explain to myself what the rules are before moving on. Thanks, mods! I know I've been particularly inquisitive today.


There appears to be a glitch in this question - the audio doesn't sound, and when I type in the answer it provides, it's not being accepted.


Do you hear anything when you click on the symbol above? I can hear the audio OK.


maybe issue with your device? - restart and try again?

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