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Translation "larme'

the Wiki French sentence "La partie la plus rose à droite de l'œil s'appelle la caroncule lacrymale" is not right I must say, because the "right side of the eye" depends which eye you are talking about... therefore, I'd suggest to skip "the right side" in the final translation. in addition "la plus rose" is not ideal either, for the author probablymeans "la partie rose foncé". in my opinion, sthg cannot be "plus ou moins rose" but "rose plus ou moins dense/vif/foncé...".

July 5, 2012



Isn't the right side meant in the diagram? That is only one eye. So we can keep "the right side".


And if I may piggyback on your insight, "caroncule" does not translate as "wattle", unless it's a piece of flappy skin around a turkey's neck!


thanks for your contribution !

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