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  5. "My car is perfect."

"My car is perfect."

Translation:Mi carro es perfecto.

May 8, 2018



Coche is also accepted as correct.

[deactivated user]

    I thought es was to be used in an unchanging condition, while está is for impermanent ones. Mi carro will not always be perfect, so why is it "es"?


    I have the same question. Can someone help with a clarification, please?


    it's a matter of state, not time. In general my car is (in a) perfect (state). Pero hoy mi coche no está perfect, no funciona, today it is not perfect it does work today. And yes, it looks like it's time related, but only if it doesn't work today. Mi coche es perfecto casi siempre, pero hoy no está.


    So... Carro is new to me. Which is more common. In Mexico? In Spain? Etc.


    Carro is often used in Latin America.


    Did not accept automovil (Jan 22, 2019).


    What about automovile ? In what cases this one is used ?


    Coche is correct


    ...coche is correct as well in Spain. Here a carro is a trolly. Duo needs to clarify the use of words if different ones are used in different regions. What is being taught, a mix of all or Castellano as a base and regional variations for advanced users. Why ask for a carro in Madrid when you want to rent a car? They'll give you a trolly to shop in the supermarket..


    Ah, you meant a shopping cart. I thought you meant a streetcar (= trolly). I imagined renting such a railed vehicle.


    Totally agree, why dont they have a castellano course and a latin America course


    My car is perfect


    As far as I know: Car in Spanish can be : Carro, coche or automóvil. Correct?


    In similar questions, they say "automovil" is another correct solution... but they haven't taught that word to me (at least not yet). Is there a difference?


    Mi coche es perfecto should also be permitted


    Y continuando con lo de carro (car) coche

    pero más lioso ¿por qué no vale

    mi carro está perfecto

    <pre>____ y es obligado decir </pre>

    mi carro es perfecto ____ ¿otra deformacion del uso del inglés?

    To be = ser o estar.


    I was wonfering... what's the difference between "mi" and "me"


    Mi=my Me=me Yo=I


    I believe "mi" is the Spanish word for the English word "my," referring to your own possession. "Me" is the English word for yourself, and is different than the word "mi."


    Me is the reflexive pronoun.

    Me llamo ... I call MYSELF (but we would obviously just say my name is)


    I am still confused when to use "es" and when to use "está". "Mi carro está perfecto" has been declined in this sentence. Why?


    Mi carro es perfecto


    Otra vez, no 'tolera' (no permite) COCHE, para la inglesa 'car' sólo "CARRO". creo que es, que sería _aburrido abundar más en este tema. Lo abandono (por ahora). Además el otro tema que olvide (en algún comentario anterior) es la inclusión

    en este significado

    de la otra palabra a la que he visto hacían referencia otras opiniones o comentarios.


    De todas formas insisto en daros las gracias por la posibilidad de este 'feedback'.


    Gracias. Ya veo, a la segunda me lo da = ok. felicidades Duolingo

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