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  5. "Your car."

"Your car."

Translation:Tu automóvil.

May 8, 2018



Greetings. Can anyone enlighten me as to when "el coche" suddenly became "el carro"? Seems as if I was doing lessons requiring the "el coche" response one day, and the next day there was a new Lesson Tree, with carro instead of coche, and sandwich instead of emparedado . . . did I sleep for ten years, and miss something?


They say coche in spain and carro in latinoamerica


Thank you, that is very helpful. My main interest in learning to speak Spanish is the hope that I might one day vacation in the Caribbean. Understanding the difference between Spain-Spanish, and New-World Spanish, is ciritical.


Auto is more common in Argentina


En argentina decimos auto


So is emparedando right as well?


Hi Eman, I’ve been working in southern Spain and there they use coche and never carro - which is their word for a “truck” and for sandwich they usually say bocadillo, but I don’t think Duolingo accepts bocadillo. it may not be a word used in latin america ?


The app did update and i think they added new trees. With different variations of certain words. Some lessons require emparedado vs sandwich and same would go for carro vs coche vs automovil


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Unessasary AshtonAlej. Please do not spam in the chat for it takes a long time to find qustions when people post Thanks or ok or spam. I will report you next time.


Yes i feel mrs rip van winkle one minute its caro the next its automovil?


As you move further into the lessons it will introduce you to new words that mean the same thing. Carro is also the most common word for car. Hope this helps! ╮(^▽^)╭


Im going to guess the same day tu carro became tu automóvil


Another synonym for "carro" is "automóvil."


Yep. That's the one I was taught.


Please up mark it when you like something.


Coche is also accepted as correct.


Not for me. Coche was not accepted


Automóvil is actually a word? Though it was a typo... or maybe what a spanish vampire might drive.


They pronounce v as b


Yeah but some people spell it with a b instead of a v. I've always spelled it with a b.


I learnt spanish from y4 to y9 in a british international school. I was always taught it as "coche" not "carro" and this confuses me.


Yes, I was taught in the USA from 1st-8th as well in private schools and they always taught me to use el coche or el automobil but usually the latter. I was taught that carro is slang and not proper therefor I never use it.


Hi Cat, I’ve been working in southern Spain and there they only use coche, carro is their word for a “truck” but in Mexico it is the word used for car. These I guess are just the tiny differences in language from country to country, just like in the USA you have lots of words that have very different meanings here in England - elevator, suspenders, sidewalk, vest, coach, rubber. You just pick up the right words to use as you get into the ambiance of the country you’re in. In Spain they love that we are speaking their language and i have lots of fun - asking “fue eso correcto” and then having a chat with all sorts of great people as they explain odd bits of their language to me. Live it and enjoy it.


Hey Chen357274, you can use "coche" when speaking. Because they are synonyms. Hope this helps. Adios!


Every time I put coche is says its wrong. But in Spain they only use coche for car.Un carro is a cart.


When should i use the accent in "tu?" Is there a distinct difference between Tu and tú?


"tú" is you, "tu" is your.


Omg thank you I was so confused


i used carro and was incorrect


For some lessons they want you to practice using "aitomóvil".


I always have and i was surprised when now its given as carro as an alternative answer. I was always taught that was incorrect Spanish and is just some slang term. I don't like using slang Spanish words.


"Aitomóvil" is a misspelling of "automóvil."


Yeah it's weird. Last time it didn't accept it, this time it did


they scored it right for me


Or simply 'auto'


Why "carro" is incorrect¿ Automovil and carro are same words.


It's considered slang in some countries, and Duo doesn't like slang.


'Carro' was incorrect for me, then the retry I tried 'Carro' again through my own stubbornness, it worked...


Why is there 3 diffetent words for car


That's because life is weird and we have words for car, automobile, and cart which could all mean the same thing in Spanish depending on where you are. Carro is common in Mexico but is considered improper. Carro apparently means cart in Spain.


WHEN TO USE "TU" or "SU"???? Someone ayudar mi


Greetings, Queen. I am not an expert by any means, but my understanding is that one uses "tu" when speaking about casual or informal relationships. For example, one might say: "Hermano, tu camisa es muy bonita." Staying with the second person, one would use "su" when speaking about more formal relationships. For example, "Senor (should be accent with 'n'), su perro es muy bonito." I hope that this is helpful. God bless.


Yes, you're right. Su is also used when addressing elders in some parts of the Spanish speaking world. This may be more common in Mexico which I'm familiar with since my maternal grandparents are both from Mexico and I've always used su with them.

[deactivated user]


    Yes, I wish they'd bring coche back as an option.


    I see I am not the first to raise the carro/coche issue. Surely the latter should be an acceptable alternative.


    Coche should be accepted as it is used in Spain.


    my boyfriend also says coche. in fact i haven't heard any Hispanic that i associate with call it el carro. Ever.


    Why isn't "carro" excepted? Does it have to do with the "o" at the end?


    For the purpose of learning they are wanting you to use "automóvil" in some cases and in others "carro".


    Where do they use automóvil?


    Auto, automóvil, coche y carro are synonyms and their use depends on the Soanish speaking country


    I accidentally typed "Tubcarro" instead of "Tu carro" and hit Submit before noticing the mistake. Surpringly Duolingo accepted it as correct.


    In spain: tu coche and in latin america: tu carro


    Why is "usted carro" wrong?


    "Usted" is not used as a processive pronoun in Spanish. If you want to use the formal "your", you would have to use "su"; which can either mean "his", "her", "your" (formal singular/plural) or "their". If you want to clarify the "your" (singular formal), you could say "el carro de usted". However, the former is way more common.


    My only question is if I were to take a trip to mexico and used a different word for "car" than mexicans normally use, would they be fine with it, or would they be confused or think my spanish was broken?


    Is there any way of only duolingo hearing you? I mean when they ask me to translate words it never works even if in far from noise i keep losing


    It is very easy to say and sonds just like car


    Why is tu sometimes with an accent and sometimes without?


    With an accent, it means "you", as in, "I like you.", You are late.", and so on. Without the accent, it means "your", as in, "Is this your dog?", "I like your hair." One important thing to note is that with the accent, it means "you", but only in the singular, and only when speaking to someone with whom you have a casual, informal relationship. You would not use it to speak to your boss, or to your professor, and if you were speaking to two of your closest friends, you would have to switch to "ustedes" as the plural. Hope this helps.


    I still don't understand why we get penalized for mispelling a word because we left a letter out? But yet we can forget an accent above a letter and it's fine.


    Hello, Mateo890211. In my experience, Duo does not always penalize a minor spelling error. Sometimes, there is just a note to point out a "typo". Duo is very forgiving of accent omissions and errors, and for that I am grateful. There must be some kind of trigger point for spelling errors; maybe it has to do with the exact nature of the error. All the best, and stay safe in these troubling times.


    Automovil and carro is the same right ?


    Hello, Emi571808. My understanding is that they are used in different Spanish-speaking countries. I know that not long ago Duo switched from "coche" to "carro". But yes, according to what I have read, all three terms have the same meaning. All the best.


    They're the same but bear in mind that in some countries like Spain and Chile "Carro" means "cart". The same goes for "coche", which means "carriage/coache" in some countries, "pram/stroller" in others and also "car", that'll depend where it's being spoken. Like "entrée" that in the UK means "starter, appetizer" but in the US it means "main dish/course" ;)


    Is tu catro not correct? I'm being told I should use automovile...the entire lesson has used carro.


    Hello, Duran_Vega. "Carro" should be accepted for "car". However, I urge you to check your original answer, in case it included the typo that showed up in your query here (catro, instead of carro). All the best.


    Okay, one minute its carro the next it's automovil, they are synonymous. Duolingo should accept both answers. But it doesn't. Any tips on how one can know which Spanish language country of origin we should use?


    what's the difference between carro and automóvil?


    I answered carro for car and was told it was automovíl! Just a second before the vocab word said itnwas carro...


    When do i use carro and when do i use automovil.. i am confused


    They're the same, however carro can mean something completely different depending where you go.


    When do we put an ascent on tú and when do we not




    quieres comer tu torta de cumpleaños ahora?

    Do you want to eat your birthday cake now?


    I'm new in this app hi


    Hey, welcome! Enjoy it. :)


    Is Carro is the same as automobile


    In Spanish? Well, that depends. In some countries like Spain, Canary Islands, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay, the word "Carro" is a "cart/trolley". Like a shopping cart/trolley or a cart drawn by horses or donkeys.

    In other countries, "Carro" means "Car/automobile".


    'carro' worked for me, but I think 'automovil' world work too.


    I used carro and was correct 7/24/18


    My answer was "Tu tienes carro. I must have been way out there.


    It is not unusual to drop the "un" when a noun comes after "tener" if people only use or have one of those things.


    my boyfriend is from mexico and says coche not carro.


    Carro has been changed to automovil, I've not seen the word automovil used at all on this app and I'm quite a way in. New word learned I suppose.


    Should this be "coche" rather ?


    Why is this under family?


    I was always taught in school that its correct to use automobil. I will continue with that. At least it counted it as correct since it is.


    Normally they they el coche in Spain.


    Shouldn't it be coche


    Does su also mean 'your'? Like tu? My answer had a typo and that's what they gave as the correct answer Su carro


    Hello, Alaina63319. Yes, "su" is the formal version of "your", and also "his, hers, its, and theirs. So, your car, his car, her car, its car, and their car would all be rendered as "su carro" (or "su coche", etc.) Just be careful to use the form that agrees with the subject. For example, it would be incorrect to say, "Usted necesita limpiar tu carro."


    Thanks for explaining


    You are most welcome.


    Caro should be accepted


    Hello, trilingo420. I love your "trilingo"; so fitting. However, back to your question. If you had used "carro" with two letters "r", then I am sure your answer would have been accepted as an alternate to "coche". But "caro", with just one "r", translates as "expensive". So often, it is such small details that are the traps -- for me, too, and most likely for all of us. My only advice here is to proof-read your answers, letter by letter, BEFORE submitting them. It does take a bit more time, but is worth it. And when you have a query, please copy-paste your ACTUAL answer. All the best, and stay safe in the Second Wave.


    Why is car suddenly automóvil and not carro?


    Hello, NyzeaWatso. When I first started with Duolingo, "car" was "el coche". While that was still accepted in answers, it was gradually phased out, to be replaced by "el carro". I have not seen any explanation from Duo, but in discussions in this forum, I have seen opinions indicating that the various terms refer not only to the style of vehicle, but also to one or more of the specific regions where Spanish is spoken. I can only speculate that Duo is attempting to make us familiar with all of the various words that might be used in Spanish to reference an automobile. So much confusion could be avoided if Duo would just include a few explanatory notes! All the best.


    Now, they changed Carro to Automóvil (2 January 2021)


    New Year greetings, Rangga 109532. I have not yet encountered "automovil", but I do appreciate the heads-up. Maybe at some point Duo will share with us an explanation for the differing terminology. All the best.


    And I hope Duo add more feature to mobile app so I don't have to check my email every time someone reply my comment. Happy new year


    Your car can also mean in spanish TU CARO nit only TU AUTOMOVIL.


    Anyone know the difference between igual and mismo?


    They both mean the same thing IGUAL and MISMO mean the SAME.


    What is the difference between using sú or tú in this sentence?


    Hello, VIcky865404. If you are saying "your car" to someone with whom you are on a first-name basis, then you would use "tu carro" with NO accent used in "tu". If you are speaking to someone with whom you have no close relationship, such as your boss, then the correct form is "su carro", and again, there is no accent. I hope that I have been able to help you, and all the best in the New Year.


    Tú=You Tu=Your Su=His/her


    Why is it su and not tu?


    There is one problem this is south American spainish


    Carro and automovil should be interchaingable


    Last lesson on vocabulary they said car was carro. On the next lesson when i translated "your car", to "tú carro", i got marked incorrect. Apparently, car is automovil...





    seems to me tu caro and tu automovil are the same especially since car has been caro up to this point.




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