"Of course she is serious."


May 8, 2018



Why do we use 是 to link an adjective to the subject? Is it because of the 的?

May 8, 2018


Yes, I believe so. I think that if you want to link a noun with an adjective, you can use any of the following structures:

noun + adjective

noun + 很 + adjective

noun + 是 + adjective + 的

I'm sure that each construction will give off a slightly different feel/connotation, but I'm not a native Chinese speaker, so I couldn't tell you what those would be. I hoped that helped somewhat

May 19, 2018


Can you give an example of noun + adjective?

June 2, 2018


Sure. If you want to say "She is happy", you can just say 她高兴. I'm assuming, however, that it's more common to use the "noun + 很 + adjective" construction. Even though 很 is technically defined as "very", in actuality it carries very little weight, and usually just links the noun to the adjective in a neutral manner.

Again, I'm not a native Chinese speaker, but this is what I've gathered from studying the language.

June 4, 2018
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