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"Je otcem dvou Žofiiných synů."

Translation:He is the father of two of Žofie's sons.

May 8, 2018



It seems like another "of" is missing. I would say as a native speaker, He is the father of two of Zofie's sons. Or of Zofie's two sons. Unless there are two Zofies in which case I would change it to two Zofies' sons.


Seconded, the english version as it is sounds ungrammatical.


Yeah the English version misses an "of"


Thank you for your reports. If you use the Reply function it is easier to see which comments are related (all of them here). The sentence has been corrected.


can you please explain inst. "otcem" can't we write "je otec dvou Zofiinych synu" thanks


"Je otec dvou Žofiiných synů" is accepted as well. I'm sure one of the CZ natives on the team will explain the use of the instrumental case.


There are two options in these copula (binding verb) clauses with a noun predicate (something is something). You can use the nominative or the instrumental. We normally accept both but an advanced student can learn that instrumental is mainly used for temporary states or for something one can become. You can become a father so the instrumental case works well here. If the predicate only includes an adjective, one should just stay with the nominative case (To auto je modré. Ona je pěkná.).


Thank you both! Very interesting!

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