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YouTube videos to go alongside Duolingo?

First of all, I would be interested to know if any such videos exist, and if not, would Duolingo disapprove of such a thing being made?

I'd like to make a series of videos, 1 for each "skill", each of which goes over the relevant tips & notes and any other helpful information, along with some sentences from the skill being spoken in a short dialogue by a native German speaker - possibly one that can expand with each video's new sentence.

Does anybody have any thoughts on this, and would any native German speakers be interested in helping if anybody thinks it would be helpful?

Edit: it seems there is a fair bit of interest, so I will start making some when I got home from my holidays. Bear in mind they may be useless, but I will try my best!

May 8, 2018



I'd watch it. It'd be nice to hear a real voice speaking some Duolingo German.


Same here - once it's been confirmed and you did the first video, could you give the channel name or link here please?


It would make it a lot easier to grasp the language, and I think it would be cool to hear someone speaking it , and telling you how things are said in a non monotone voice.


This sounds like a good idea. I doubt DuoLingo would mind, but you could post a disclaimer stating you're not affiliated with the company.


Good idea, I haven't found that kind of videos ! I myself have made 4 videos including funny sentences from different languages shown in situations where you would use them, so a bit different. I have thought about that what you wrote, but I just don't have enough time to do that. 1 video for each skill sounds really good and useful for many people. That could be a bit like the walkthrough videos in different games in youtube so you definitely will have an audience, which is growing all the time as duolingo gets more users and languages from the incubator.


Yo I like your crazy sentence videos. I always imagine the possible bizarre scenarios whenever a weird one comes up.


Another cool idea would be to have someone live stream and interact with the viewers, switching between English and German so we could all learn together. Like a class session. Maybe not someone from DuoLingo if it's too much, but perhaps someone from the community.


This sounds great!


This sounds similar to the weekly grammar videos I post on my Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/german_mastery/

Follow for helpful 60-second videos, pictures, infographics, and more!


This is a cool idea sure... but why not on Youtube? Personally I love Instagram but for pictures only


Do it! This sounds great! I don't think Duolingo will mind, this is a great idea!


This is perhaps what you have in mind? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk1fjOl39-53GxQIn1Hxdouokf0J0SDpl Well, at least first few episodes of this channel.


I like those videos, but I'd like something more closely linked to the Duolingo skills.


I found a long video of someone doing duolingo German https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeOmxpYd3SM

but she is just doing the lesson, no extra explanations..


I don't know if I am understanding correctly but did somebody give her $190 to spend an hour on Duolingo?


As soon as I mentioned about the livestream I found this straight after aha.


how can i find this videos guys?


I haven't made it yet - I will do when I have time after the holidays.


Once it's done, could you post the link or channel name here? I've followed this discussion, so I'll get it!


I would support this.


Great idea! I'd love to watch such videos too! I will be waiting for the update.

@Don_Cristian Could you share a link to your channel too?


Hello, TwinPeaksOwl, the link to his channel is on his profile.

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