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Pronunciation question (n followed by h)

In some words, the nh sounds like ny: minha = meen yah sobrinha = so breen yah

But in other words it sounds like the h is silent: vinho = vee noh tenho = ten oh

There's no set standard for the nh pronunciation?

March 24, 2013



It is only one. Nh sounds a little similar to ñ in spanish (except in companhia). It is a robot problem


Okay, so just to clarify: vinho is pronounced veen-yoh, and tenho is pronounced ten-yoh?


Complicated.... in english we dont have this sound. Try spelling the word singner, but i dont think that will help u a lot. Put the back of your tongue on the top of your mouth, and the front of your tongue down your teeth.. complicated.... u from korea? I think the best is explaning orally....


I know this might sound kind of lame, but if you watch japanese anime, they sometimes like to make this "nya" sound, to be cute, you know? That is what the Portuguese "nh" (minus the a at the end of course) has always sounded to me, and I've never been told I'm pronouncing it wrongly by native speakers, so I figured it worked. So when I was first picking up the language, I would see "tenho" as "ten-yo", so if you ask me, I think that is probably accurate.


It's not exactly like "ny", because with "ny" the tip of your tongue still touches the roof of the mouth. With "nh" it's the back or the whole of your tongue that touches it. The tongue is placed more like a G than an N.


That is correct.



This video has various examples, and should help you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vn3WkRf1jI

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