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Lost Streak

I lost my 590 or so streak because for some reason Duolingo stopped counting the Duolingo Stories I completed. Pity.

Since those are the incentives the programmers built in, it's too bad when they malfunction.

May 8, 2018


[deactivated user]


    I feel for you!!!


    Thanks for your comment. I had hoped that there was some way to reach the programmers, but I've noticed that the one thing the site operators do not want is a way to reach them with information!


    You could try submitting as bug report. Scroll to the very bottom of this screen and click on HELP. Then scroll all the way to the bottom again, and click on SUBMIT BUG REPORT. Not sure they will do anything, but no harm in trying.


    OOOFF. it happened to me on my old account.


    yep. My duolingo stopped working for a couple of days too and I lost all my streaks through no fault of my own...


    I suspected it might have been a systems outage but these types of online applications, being what they are, essentially free, will not often accommodate user consequences. Anyway, I appreciate your confirmation of the problem.

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