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Tu, and Usted

When do you use Tu and when do you used Usted?

May 8, 2018



Tu is the familiar form of you, whereas Usted is the formal form. You would youse tu with people you would call by their name, such as a friend or a peer. Usted would be used with people that you wouldn't address familiarly, such as someone with a title, a teacher, or upon first meeting someone (unless they tell you otherwise). I hope this helps!


Nice answer Alexa!


Excelente respuesta, Soy hablante del español, y te puedo decir que esta respuesta es muy especifica,

Siguendo el mismo tema el Tu es formal, pero Usted es mas mejor, ya que presenta respecto, aunque el Tu no lo quita pero no es igual que Usted.

La personas mayores por normalidad la llamamos con Usted, las personas con Titulos, ETC


tu is informal for friends and such and usted is formal for people such as teachers or bosses or just being polite


Tú - Friends, family (depends on country, but I feel comfortable using tú with my Mexican family, people younger than you

Usted - Anyone older than 18, anyone you’ve just met (over 18), teachers, friends of parents, etc

Usted is formal. When in doubt, use usted.


When using Tu' remember to add the friendy "S" :-) e.g.
(Usted) Como Esta (Tu') Como Estas

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