"No, I am not normal."

Translation:Nein, ich bin nicht normal.

March 24, 2013

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One day, I'll have to use that sentence.


Can we say, "Nein, normal bin ich nicht." ?


This is correct.


Why is that correct may I ask?

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    Just a different way how to express this. It depends strongly on the context.

    "Nein, normal bin ich nicht." ? Is an response to a situation where someone suggests that you are no normal. (better to say your are retarded) and you strongly agree to it.

    This situation would be very rare, hence you would probably never hear that sentence in spoken German! :-)

    To be honest it should actually sound: "Ja, normal bin ich nicht." as you agree to the fact. :-(


    The litteral translation would be "normal I am not". I imagine it'd be used in the same situation you'd use it in english. If someone says "You're pretty normal, aren't you?" You could say "I'm not normal" or "Normal I am not!" The second is just more dramatic. I assume it's the same way in german


    In German language you can sometimes change the order of words in the sentence, but the menaing remains the same.


    What's wrong with "Nein, bin ich nicht normal"?


    "nein" and "ich bin nicht normal" are different clauses in the sentence. the verb should be the second idea in the Clause. (well, until you meet certain wkrds like "weil" which means "because")


    Same question! I thought the verb belongs in the second position of the sentence!


    You're contradicting yourself. "Bin" is the verb.


    It is the second position! When you have a comma in a sentence, it counts a position Null (zero) the next word will be position 1 and so forth ^^


    I don't know how long ago you asked this, but wouldn't that be, "No, am I not normal?" instead of "No, I am not normal."?


    you are saying " no am i not normal" .. i dont know..sounds ok to me.


    Nope! I'm CRAAAZY!!!


    why is 'Nein, Ich bin normal nicht' wrong?


    I think it has to do with where nicht is placed depending on what it is modifying. (I googled "position of nicht") -- It goes AFTER conjugated verbs, direct & indirect objects, and adverbs of time, but before pretty much everything else. So, since it can act as an adverb here (how normal? not normal) it could go before normal. But it can also go after "ich" if you think of it as a modifying the verb (either normal I am not or I am not normal.)


    its truuuuee.....


    I am a homeschooler too


    I use this sentence frequently.

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      Just for the sake of it, -the sentence has a deeper meaning. You would probably not say this about yourself!

      <pre> **** </pre>

      "Nicht normal sein", or "Nicht ganz normal sein" means to be retarded only exception the context leads to something else!!!!


      No, I'm not normal...


      I know there are strange sentences here, but this one really made me laugh out loud. :)


      313 days straight?? (your daily streak) homie...you "are not normal" lol


      Ha ha -- My kids would definitely say this. It makes more sense than "the percent is new". Does it matter where the "nicht" goes? Could I say "Ich bin normal nicht"?


      Yes I'm fairly positive that it matters where "nicht" goes.


      Nicht comes after a verb if that is what it is modifying, but it comes before an adjective or an object if that is what it is modifying. This link explains much the same:



      I think that nicht goes after a verb. For example "Ich esse nicht". It is no matter if it is at the end of the sentence, it can be also in the middle, but nicht goes always after a verb. Want to know a source? My german teacher. And if she doesn't know than nobody knows. So, Ich bin nicht normal should be correct.


      Can I say ..ich bin kein normal

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        You can say:

        "Ich bin kein normaler Mensch." (This is correct German)

        But why would you? This is a bold statement, mostly seen as

        to be handicapped/retarded

        or supernatural.


        i think 'kein' should be used only with nouns


        No, I think that means "I am no normal.' I think yeah..


        Saying : ich bin kein normal is wrong?

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          "kein" needs an object to relate to, like:

          Ich bin kein Gigolo. Ich bin kein Baecker. Ich bin kein Idiot.


          Ich bin kein Grosser. (relates to Mensch), Ich bin kein Normaler. (relates to Mensch)


          Can you say "Nien, ich bin aussergewoehnlich?

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            You mean: "Nein, ich bin aussergewoehnlich?

            But it would sound as self-adulation. {Selbstbeweihräucherung}

            If someone says it about you, it is fine. "Du bist ... "

            Just to point it out again. "Nein, ich bin nicht normal." has a negative touch, in German it would be understood as if you admit that you are retarded.

            That's no joke. :-)


            I'm reviewing these levels after getting a little better at this language. I wrote "Ne" instead of "Nein" without thinking about it. Is that not an actual word? I've heard that a lot when speaking with other Germans and incorporated it in my vocab, as well as "Nö". Is saying no like that colloquial or very informal?

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              "ne", "nö" for the meaning of "NO" are not correct German words according to the Duden which can be checked easily. http://www.duden.de/suchen/dudenonline/ne

              Albeit you hear those words every day especially in the North of Germany, especially in Berlin, more frequent as you may hear "nein". :-)

              "nö" with a smirk is a white lie, (so it is yes)

              "ne" is relaxed/colloquial/slang "No",

              "nee" is upset/annoyed "No",

              "nein" means "No"


              Isnt this an odd sentence to have in a language course.Not liable to need it in every day conversation.


              When is it acceptable to use "nein, ich bin normal nicht" ? Or is that even proper?


              English is like German in the aspect that usually a "not" comes before whatever you're referencing. So to say, "No, I am normal not" would be very uncommon if it's even proper. So you'd probably want to say, "No, I am not normal" which would transalate to, "Nein, Ich bin nicht normal."

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                "normale" lower case is not a German word, albeit

                "Die Normale" is a mathematical term.


                What is problem of using 'nicht' twice in a sentence ??

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                  "Doppelte Verneinung/Negierung" is possible in German. Do you need examples?


                  Ja bitte. It might help


                  So with "Wir verstehen nicht." , nicht comes at the end but when i wrote "Ich bin normal nicht" it was wrong. Is there a format?


                  I now that guy had a bad day


                  One of the suggestions for 'normal' was 'normale', but it wasn't accepted when i entered it in. What's wrong with using this word?


                  Of course you're not normal, Duo. You speak dozens of languages!


                  Poda mandamare nigale anode enda pareya enne nan nociada

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