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Just answered a request to write the German for "The tools".

I answered "Das Werkzeuge".

I am told this is wrong as I gave the plural "Tools" instead of the singular "Tool".

I must be missing something here. I am asked for the word for an unspecified number of objects, but more than one, therefore plural. When I give the plural form I am told that I have used the plural form instead of the singular form, but the questions asks for the plural form.

This looks odd and wrong. You are extracting the Michael.......... this isn't German precision, it is nonsense.

May 8, 2018



Well... Das Werkzeuge is wrong.. for both sing and plural. if it is sing it is das and withot an e the end. for plural it is die and with an e in the eng like

Das Werkzeug -> Singular

Die Werkzeuge -> Plural

if non of those 2 is accepted you should report it.


Of course. But the automated response concentrated on Tool/Tools not the definite article, diverting my attention from the (now) obvious error on my part.


well if they want it sing without article it is still Werkzeug without e in the end. but... since they asked for tools one would assume they want the plural form... i would report it.


try die Werkzeuge


Interesting moments. I confess that I was dipping into German Duolingo as a maintenance session as I wait see if I can find a German class which can take me forward, meanwhile I'm enjoying Italian. Apart from the misdirection inherent in the automated response I forgot (once more) Abe Lincoln's advice that it is better to be silent a thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt......


While "Werkzeuge" does exist, I would hardly ever use it. When talking about a set of tools, I would use "das Werkzeug", similar maybe to the usage of "stuff".

I checked with Leo.org and they suggest "Werkzeug" for "tools", too.


duly noted. thanks.


yes, but they also know "Werkzeuge". In my small world, Werkzeug is either a single tool or tools in general.

I would only use "die Werkzeuge" to address specific Tools, e.g. "räum mal die Werkzeuge weg" put away these tools while pointing at, say, a wrench and a screwdriver lying outside the toolbox

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