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Mucke vs. Musik

I often see these two words to refer to music. My friend said there is a difference but I didn't understand his explanation at all. Does anyone know?

May 8, 2018



"Die Mucke" is a very slangy term. In my experience, it is mostly used for modern, rhythm-oriented music; I associate it with dancing.

You would say "Es gab da richtig gute Mucke!" after a concert of "Die toten Hosen" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j09hpp3AxIE

"Die Musik" is the standard word that refers to all kinds of music.


die Mucke is a very casual word for music. it is mostly used by "younger" people. it is not true that it only reffers to modern music (not in my experience) and it has nothing to do with dancing. (even if older people think that way) it is simply put slang for music. while Musik is the "correct" term.


it has nothing to do with dancing. (even if older people think that way)

;-) Oh, I think I just dated myself.

I see that our understanding of the word "die Mucke" is a little different; so would you really say: "Das Requiem von Mozart ist richtig schöne Mucke"?


well, then i was 15 and my mom listened to some kind of choir music i would as her: was'n das schon wieder für ne Mucke? (with an annoyed tone in my voice since i used to hate choir music). now i am not 15 anymore but in my 20is and i hardly use slang nowadays because it does not fit my image :-D ... but back then i really used it for every kind of music... no matter if i thought it was good or bad. no matter if it was rock or classic...


Interesting! Thanks for your explanation.

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Another meaning, used among musicians, is a payed gig.


Are you sure it doesn't have to do with different styles of music? Because my friend would use them when different songs played.


i can only say how my friends and i used it, that for us it is simply a different word for music. but i guess that slang words can be used slightly differently in different parts of germany? dunno


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