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"It is an Italian family."

Translation:Es una familia italiana.

4 months ago



How. That's all I have to say.

3 months ago


Es una familia italiana... What the heck? It corrected me to: es una familia tana...? Huh?

1 month ago


That's a good one alright. Tana has to do with bell ringing.

1 month ago


When duolingo corrects me here, it doesn't tell me WHAT (infinitive) word I have wrong.

Instead of "You used the tú form "eres" instead of the él/ella/usted form "es".

it should say

You used the tú form OF SER "eres" instead of the él/ella/usted form "es". And ser should be hyperlinked to a table of the different forms. It's so odd that it wants me to get the grammar without ever presenting it. 5 minutes with flashcards got me the conjugations of ser and estar better than hours with DL. This is one thing it's bad at.

2 months ago


SpanishDict has a great verb conjugator: http://www.spanishdict.com/conjugation

You don't need to know the root form to use it, you can put in whatever form you have. (Putting in "es" takes you to the "ser" page, etc.)

2 months ago


The app does not have the grammar notes, you can find those on the website the app is meant to be used with. They will display fine in a mobile browser.

I agree they should be here, but I'm happy to have them spend their time and money on more languages rather than more app features.

2 months ago


For some reason I didn't think italian could be feminine lol

2 weeks ago


It's a family Italian lol

2 months ago


They put the adjective after the word they are describing. I believe most languages do that and english is just backwards.

1 month ago


AN Duolingo is not accepting the correct spelling "italiano". It changes the word to "tana"and other words.

1 week ago