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Chinese physics textbooks with no clumsy Chinese ? (容易的物理課本?)


Are there any university textbooks about physics or mathematics that – extra technical vocabulary excluded – use a language that is not too advanced, with no confusing wordings, where one can learn formal Chinese (as differing from novels for example, without a vibrant use of adjectives etc.) ?

I would like to combine language and science learning. :-D

Of course, I don't expect the language to be easy, but I also learned English in a rather formal way, by reading more non-fiction than fiction. I actually made the experience that this can be easier, because certain phrases/wordings repeat themselves more often than they would in fiction books. All the extra vocabulary would have to be looked up, of course. In this special case it would be even easier, because of the mathematical "universal language".

I would be glad if someone could recommend me something. :-)

May 8, 2018



You could always read articles on these topics on Chinese Wikipedia. Being in electronic form, looking up new vocabulary is much less time-consuming, too.


https://max.book118.com/html/2017/1029/138119164.shtm this is a real university physics textbook. (you need to click "同意并开始全文预览" to let it show the pdf)

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