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  5. "Kwa nini basi?"

"Kwa nini basi?"

Translation:Why then?

May 8, 2018



I don't really agree with the "Why is that all?" translation, which is very ambiguous in English. I see "Kwa nini basi?" as something that would be said after a long series of questions about the reason something happened or is happening, and each question receiving a "No" answer. E.g.: Kwa nini unalia? Unaumwa? HAPANA! Una kiu au njaa? HAPANA! Umepotea? HAPANA! Umepigana na mtu? HAPANA!! Kuna mtu amekutukana matusi mabaya? HAPANA!!! Kwa nini basi unalia???

In short, I think its meaning is "So why then?" or "Well then why?"


This is very correct Basi is used like a interjection sometimes


Would "why bus" be a suitable translation?


In the right context, definitely. Since there's no context here at all beyond these three words, it should be be accepted.

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