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  5. "wa'waQ Hol vIchenmoH."

"wa'waQ Hol vIchenmoH."

Translation:Next month, I am going to create a language.

May 8, 2018



Is there any reason that "I'm going to create a language next month" shouldn't be acceptable?


In general we encourage keeping parts of the sentence in the same order unless there is a grammatical reason to change the order. However, since Klingon requires the time stamp to go at the front and there is no way to indicate a sentence with the time stamp at the end, I have added that variation as a possibility in the English on this sentence.


I put, "In one month, I'll cause a language to be formed.". My question is more about the {waQ}, than the {moH}.


"In one month" should be fine and I have added it. We actually had "in one month" in a sentence using a different order and "in one month's time" in the sentence closest to yours, but now I've added "in one month" to that sentence too. As for the moH, while your translation is a literal interpretation of the Klingon, it's a very odd thing to say in English.


I know that. I'm getting more comfortable. Thanks.


I got the "Type the Klingon you hear" exercise. The audio file for the sentence is very clearly Qov saying "wa' waQ HoD chenmoH". Is this a software issue, or did the wrong audio file get attached?


Never mind. I relistened to it a couple more times, and now I'm certain I'm losing my mind. Apparently I need to do better at eliminating any and all background noise in my apartment before doing these lessons, because even with headphones, I didn't hear that sentence correctly four separate times. Now I can't NOT hear it correctly. And here I've been trying so hard to provide accurate feedback for all the audio recordings as best I can, because they have helped me so much, and then I go and biff it like this.


maj for figuring it out with the distortion. There was a period where Duolingo introduced that reverb --but by accident, not the way they did on Discovery. They do a superb job of volume levelling now, but for a few weeks it had that weird side effect. I did a lot of recording in those weeks, and it wouldn't show up until after I had recorded, listened, approved, and saved. When you hear others with that distortion, or something else that seems wrong, continue to come here and describe what you hear. We'll fix it if it's wrong and fix you if you're wrong. :-)

And yes, I've re-recorded this one.


HaHA! Thanks!


The audio file has definitely become corrupted so I'm not surprised you had difficulties at first. I'm sure Qov will want to re-record it.

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