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Bonjour à tous! Vous apprenez le français et vous voulez progresser ?

Vous apprenez le français et vous voulez progresser ?Ce site peut vous aider. http://gabfle.blogspot.fr/

Sur GABFLE, il y a des interviews authentiques de personnes francophones, à écouter ou à lire, des exercices, des remarques de grammaire, de vocabulaire, de prononciation.

Bonne chance mes amis!

April 24, 2014



Merci beaucoup! C'est tres interressant et utile pour apprendre le francais


Merci beaucoup Danielle! Tu es très sympa!


De rien mon ami! :)


Je viens d'aller "jouer" à GABFLE. Merci bien de nous avoir donné ce lien, je trouvais le site très utile et sans doute je vais y retourner bientôt!


De rien mon ami! Je suis heureux que vous l'avez trouvé utile. :)


I'm shocked I understood that. >.<


C'est super mon ami! :)


Too bad it's not proper French :/ "Je suis heureux que vous l'ayez trouvé utile"


Thanks - subjunctive because happiness is an emotion?


Subjunctive use in French is way easier to know than that : as soon as you have a relative proposition (word que), you use subjunctive. Notice how que precedes all conjugations on subjunctives in French conjugation tables? Que = subjunctive, no que = no subjunctive.


Thanks Bastiou - I wish I found it that easy :) I have noticed that the subjunctive is usually preceded by que but I also often see que not followed by the subjunctive j'affirme que je suis sûr que j'espère que - there are others. Also it is sometimes not used in the negative but is required in the affirmative and visa versa.

I read somewhere that it had to with verbs of emotion, but today I have read the following :

It is NOT used when something is perceived as factual, but IS *"used to express actions or ideas which are subjective or otherwise uncertain: will/wanting, emotion, doubt, possibility, necessity, judgment.

" Alors Je pense que c'est vrai mais Je ne pense pas que ce soit vrai et Penses-tu que ce soit vrai*

I found this site and its *subjunctivator" a fun tool - guess first then check your answer ! I think you are french so you may not need this tool as you know instinctively whether to use it or not - it just sounds right or wrong!! Thanks again :)



I'm French Canadian. You're right, it's not always subjunctive with que, but the opposite is true : you can't have subjunctive without que.

You're also right that I don't really have to think about the rule as I'll say what sounds right and be correct 99 % of the time ;-). But this situation is true for many natives about their own language. I consider myself to be quite proficient at English despite it being my second language, but I still get some frustrating errors in the English part of Italian and German exercises I'm almost certain a native wouldn't have made! The good news about that is I keep getting better in English while learning other languages ;-).


I consider you to be quite proficient at English too, and would be very hard pressed to find any errors in your writing : ) I have no Italian or German words except the usual hello, thank you etc, but I can recognise lots of words on menus (very important) in both countries because of similarities to English.

I am doing the fr-ag and the en-fr and make errors in both languages on both trees!! Many stupid typos, but lots of proper errors too!!

One last comment on que and subjunctive - there are (d'après mes recherches) a few (a very few) expressions where the subjunctive exists without que, but usually because yesteryear the que phrase was there, but has since been dropped. eg Dieu soit loué * Ainsi soit-il* - there are several more. I only mention them because I find the development of language fascinating and thought you may be interested.


You are correct. Thanks for your comment. I'm working on understanding more about the subjunctive. It is all a process of trial and error, a process we're all going through. Merci!! :)


Bonjour comment ça va?


Bonjour, comment ça va? Moi = Excellent


De rien mon amie! :)


Excellent site -thanks for sharing.


De rien Mon ami bonne continuation!


Merci beaucoup, c'est vraiment magnifique et très utile pour apprendre la langue par écouter le français oral / parlé.


De rien mon ami bonne continuation!


C'est chouette, merci beaucoup Danielle! Je vais l'utiliser. :)


Je suis heureux que vous l'aimez. Bonne continuation mon ami! :)


C'est votre site? Ou vous contribuez des clips?


Non, ce n'est pas mon site. Je l'ai trouvé il y a six mois et je voulais partager ce qui m'a aidé. :)


Quelle bonne idée! :)


Salut. Tu es française ?


pour tout ceux qui veulent les emissions quebecois je suggère 'tout le monde on parle'


Merci beaucoup pour partager le site web, il sera très utile pour moi!


De rien mon ami. C'est quelque chose qui m'aide et j'espere qu'il peut vous aider! Bonne Continuation! :)

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