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"My Klingon ship is set up to transmit the Federation Standard book."

Translation:DIvI' Hol paq labbeH tlhIngan DujwIj.

May 9, 2018



If the adjective comes after the noun, then why (English book), and (Klingon ship)?


You have over-generalized. First let me say that there are no adjectives in Klingon, but there are two ways to translate English adjectives into Klingon. For stative (or quality) verbs which translate as "to be [something]) they can act like adjectives when they follow the noun they are describing. However, when a noun is being used adjectively to modify another noun, it preceeds the noun it is modifying. Thus paq QaQ "good book" and Duj tIn "big ship", but DIvI' Hol paq "English book" and tlhIngan Duj "Klingon ship".

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