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Looking for a platform to practice speaking German in real time.

Hallo! Ich spreche Englisch und lerne Deutsch. Ich mag Duolingo, aber es ist ein bisschen begrenzend. Ich suche nach einem Ort, an dem ich mündlich sprechen kann. Hast du irgendeinen Ratschlag? Danke für Ihre Hilfe!

Hello, I'm a native English speaker learning German. Thanks in part to Duolingo - I feel fairly confident in my ability to write in German, but I could use practice speaking it orally. (It is very rare to find anyone in my area who speaks German!) So I'm looking for an online platform to use. Are any of you having similar trouble? Do you know of a good online resource? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

May 9, 2018



I've heard a lot of fabulous things about HelloTalk. It's an app for your phone, and the times that I've used it, it's been a huge help. That said, I never used the video calling functions, but I have a polyglot friend who did and she said it was amazing. Good luck!


I've used conversationexchange.com for several years, with good results, because you do an advanced search and find someone who has similiar interests.


I'll have to try that! Matching to someone with similar interests sounds really useful. thanks!


So there's this site I stumbled upon a month or so ago. I haven't used it yet myself and I think it's fairly new: Speechling

It's apparently totally free (aside from some premium special treatment). They have dedicated speech coaches and you record yourself speaking among some exercises such as "describe the picture" or answering a question. The coach will judge your speech within a day I guess.

I've been wanting to try it soon but haven't gotten around to it!

There are also social media apps like HiNative and HelloTalk for language exchange-like activities where natives correct your sentences, spoken or written.


Oh, thanks for this one (Speechling)! I haven't seen it before and it looks really helpful for where I'm at. I signed up late last night, did several sentences, and already had feedback on them when I woke up this morning. It is limited to 10 sentences a month in the free version, but that's still 10 sentences I wouldn't have had any help with, so I'm excited to keep it using it. :D


Good to know! I had a feeling that a service like that would be too good to be true, so being limited to 10 sentences seems reasonable.


Try Tandem... Really good, lots of very helpful people on there! You will be expected to share your 1st language on occassion as the app works on a language exchange basis:


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