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Indirect and Direct object pronouns.


So I am currently struggling to remember how to use both indirect and direct pronouns correctly within a sentence.

In order to get straight to the point, I understand what they mean but I am having a hard time remembering where they're placed within a sentence.

If I wanted to say something generic like: "I did not tell them" would I just be able to say-- "(Yo) no les dijé"

What happens if I want to say something like: "Can you do it" Would I just be able to say this-- "(Tu) lo puedes hacer" or "puedes hacerlo"

May 9, 2018



You are right. "Tú lo puedes hacer" or "You can do it" has only 2 participants: the agent ("you") and the direct object ("it"), the speaker is not part of the sentence.


Does this make sense structurally? “Cómo les lo afectó”

[deactivated user]

    The way I see that is "How did it it affect them". You don't need to use the "lo" as it's implied in the "afectó" here.


    Alright, thanks for the help. I have a spanish presentation about natural disasters (thus the sentence).


    I use StudySpanish.com. The grammar section is FREE very well laid out and the explanation clear and simple and are followed by a simple quiz that just tests ONLY THE CONCEPT PRESENTED in the lesson. There's more content you can access through paid subscription but I've found the free content a great companion to Duolingo. As I've said in my other post, I know Duolingo expects you to "sense" the patterns through repetition, but my 60 year old mind is not as nimble as younger students. I just was getting nowhere but frustrated.


    Curious that you're using verb past tenses and direct and indirect pronouns when you haven't even got to or done those lessons in your tree.


    I never use doulingo. I take spanish through my school. I just like to use doulingo for its forums and that's about it.

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