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"Sir, do you know where the movie theater is?"

Translation:Señor, ¿sabe usted dónde está el cine?

May 9, 2018



Why is it esta snd not es? The theater isnt going to move.


Remember this: For how you feel and where you are always use the verb 'estar'. We are talking location here so 'estar' is the correct choice.


thank you - so helpful


Some times you need el señor sometimes just señor any one know the rule?

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To elaborate on what Michael said:

When you're directly addressing someone, the term of address is simply "señor":
¡Señor! ¿sabe usted dónde está el cine?
Sir, do you know where the movie theater is?

When you're referring to someone using the honorific along with their name, you often use the definite article:
Lo siento, el Señor Martinez no está aquí ahora.
I'm sorry, Mr. Martinez is not here right now.


If you include the actual name then you include the article as well.

El Señor Martinez.

Without the actual name it would simply be the title: Señor for example.


I'm not sure it's that simple. After all, you can say "El señor está afuera."


Interesting, I hadn't considered that particular meaning. However, I should mention that I would translate the English of that sentence as: The gentleman is outside. This highlights the slightly different context in which 'señor' is being used there.

I guess we'll have to modify the rule above by saying that when 'señor' is being used to call a person's attention rather than talk about a man in third person... the article is not needed.


Or, if there were a bunch of men in a room, you could specificy your address by using their last name: "Señor Martinez, ¿cuándo es tú presentación?" It's when you're talking about somebody that you use the 'el' or 'la' in front of their names. La presentación del Señor Martinez es perfecta."


Why not sabes instead of usted sabe?


It would be rather unusual to use the "familiar you" form with somebody you just called "sir" :)


Ok right. That makes sense.


was my question too. thank you.. makes a lot of sense.. duh!!!!


Why is "cinema" not accepted as well as "cine" ?


I thought the usted form would be saben. Why sabe? DUO says sabe is the command form, but the question doesn't seem like a command.


Pay attention to the plurality.

  • Do you (singular) know...? ¿Sabe usted...
  • Do you (plural) know...? ¿Saben ustedes...


So verbs conjugated with usted use the 3rd person form?


Yep, exactly.


La sala is right? El teatro is wrong?


Why not teatro?

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That's where stage plays are performed.

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película = movie, as in "The Incredibles" is a movie, or "Shrek" is a movie.

cine = movie theater or cinema, as in the place where you go to pay money on tickets and popcorn and sit in a big dark room with other people.


I never really know where to put usted/ustedes in a sentence. For this I put "usted sabe", marked correct. Is it quite flexible, or more correct to say "sabe usted" in this sentence?

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