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Where can a new beginner meet others, and make friends?

I'm a new beginner who is starting to feel a bit lonely. I would like to find a community to meet others & maybe make some friends. (People who are learning or teaching) Finding some social connection right now, is very hard. I don't know enough to have voice or video chats yet. I think this may be the biggest factor. Is this just a part of being a very new beginner?

May 9, 2018



I'm also a little shy about speaking and chatting, but it's really one of the greatest ways to learn! I met several friends on HelloTalk, but there are lots of such apps available. (Just as with any any form of communication, especially on the Internet, I would always recommend a degree of caution.)

Also, you might want to see if Duolingo has any events in your area. I've found that I really procrastinate talking to people online simply because I can, but attending Meetups and Events sort of forces me to practice. Plus, seeing people in person allows you to bond in a different way than online. You can see that other people also feel awkward or are struggling to think about words, etc. or be inspired by those with more knowledge. Also, there is often an element of structure to events that involve learning in a fun way.

If you have any friends who are also studying it are interested in studying, maybe consider finding a study buddy. Meet up for coffee or tea, etc., and practice together.

Side note, it's okay for things to be completely awkward. Most other people probably feel the same way. :)


Posting in the forums like this is a great place to start. Start to weigh in here and there when you have something to add, and as people get to know you, some of them will 'follow' you. And at that point you could reciprocate if you're interested, and see their progress relative to yours. If you use the mobile app at all, you will also have the option of joining a club.

Duolingo doesn't allow us to share our contact information, so connecting to someone in a way where you can speak directly would probably require looking to another platform.

I don't automatically follow people who follow me unless we've interacted at some point, but we certainly could follow each other if you're interested. We're both about the same level in Chinese at the moment.


Hi Nao.

You really have to look outside of Duolingo to enjoy the full experience of speaking with a partner. And yep Discord chat is great, it's one of the most instantaneous ways to find a comunicate with a native.


There's an app called HelloTalk on the playstore, it's great for new learners because you will mostly do introductions and small talk plus it's used by a lot of native Chinese speakers.


Hey there, you're right! How good Duolingo is, that's what I miss too here. A community like https://www.interpals.net/ for example. You may check this out!


Check to see if they have a Mandarin meetup in your area. My meetups are free too. https://www.meetup.com/


Also don't forget to check up for Duolingo meet-ups in your area in the events page. https://events.duolingo.com/events/


I started some days ago and came up with the same question. Subscribing.


I’m learning in Spanish,I’d love you in the club I’m in!


You can click on someone's comment or discussion, click on their name, and it will take you to a page that has a little about them. Then you can click "Follow" and ta-da! An online friend! You would get notifications about them when they get an achievement or something like that. I hope this helps!! =)


You can also follow discussions, too.


Also, good job with the Chinese! I tried that and it was really hard. Nice work!!


u can folow me saeidfaraji


I think that the important thing is to learn a new language. Following people that post different things and asking them questions may create connections


There has been some really wonderful answers. I was unsure about asking my question here. Some suggestions will not work for me. That is just due to my location. The information itself is still helpful. It will likely help another. I really do appreciate these answers.

nao312626 mentioned Duolingo on Discord. I already use Discord as I play computer games. Thank you, I never thought to look there. This is perfect!

Others gave me suggestions outside of duolingo. It’s better to have these suggestions from others who had a good experiences. When it comes Websites and apps these really do cut down on time spent finding out what works!

There are some parts of duolingo I could do without. That can't be blamed on Duolingo, Forums just work this way. It can be hard to filter through topics that are mostly silly fights or unhelpful. I would rather be learning instead. That said the information gained from helpful folk is worth it.


Well, If you're learning Mandarin and are a native english speaker, I'm in the same boat

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