"De bange ridder moest opnieuw door de prinses gered worden."

Translation:The scared knight had to be rescued again by the princess.

9 months ago



The scared Knight had to be again rescued by the Princess. Any English native speakers that could tell me why the translation above would not be accepted?

5 months ago


The word order maybe? I would put "again" at the end of the sentence. But I'm not sure if that's incorrect or just awkward.

5 months ago

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In UK English we do not like splitting up verb constructions so "had to be rescued" (had = auxiliary verb, to be = infinitive verb, rescued = past participle) must remain intact. "Again" may be placed immediately after "Knight", "rescued" or "Princess" though the second two choices would be far more common.

The Dutch, of course, cannot resist scattering verbs throughout their phrases provided that the active one is second and at least one other verb is last...!

3 months ago
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