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Einschränkung vs Beschränkung vs Eingrenzung vs Begrenzung

Could someone please explain the difference between the following words? Einschränkung Beschränkung Eingrenzung Begrenzung

May 9, 2018



Uhm. Einschränkung and Beschränkung are German words for Limitation. There is no difference between these two that come to my mind. Maybe Einschränkung has a bit of a negative touch.
"Diese vegane Diät ist eine große Einschränkung. Ich weiß nicht, ob ich das durchhalten kann." (This vegan diet is a big limitation. I don't know if I can stand it.)

Eingrenzung are like the limitations that a detective gets from all the evidence. It's more often used as a verb: eingrenzen.
"Wir konnten den Kreis der möglichen Täter auf 10 Personen eingrenzen." (We were able to reduce the group of the possible culprits to 10 persons.)
It could also be used to describe an area or all the things that are inside some borders (-> Grenzen), but that sounds very legalese to me.

Begrenzung means also limitation. I associate technical requirements with it. For example some bikes have a 'Drehzahlbegrenzer' - a device to limit the possible revolutions per minute that the motor can provide.

Those words are all derivates of 'Schranke' (barrier/gate) or 'Grenze' (border), which can also mean 'limit'.^^


Well in the daily practise it all can mean the same but you use Einschränkung und Beschränkung more if you combine it with to say something that has to do with people and Eingrenzung and Begrenzung more with things and places. Caution: You should never say "jemand/ der/ die ist beschränkt". That would mean that someone is not able to use enough of his or her brain capacibility. It would be an insult.

You would never use Einschränkung for a fence.

Let me give you now some examples of common uses:

Der neue Etat hatte Einschränkungen zur Folge. Ein Verbot ist letztlich immer eine Einschränkung.

Eine Einschränkung/ Beschränkung des Budgets könnte weitreichende Folgen haben.

Das neue Gesetz wirkte wie eine Beschränkung auf die davon betroffenen Branchen.

Die Eingrenzung des Gebietes erfolgte durch gezielte Recherchen. Die Begrenzung des Autobahnabschnittes wurde bei dem Autounfall schwer beschädigt.

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Limitation X 4?



Thank you. Could you please help me with the difference in the context of use? For example: ''time limitation'', ''movement limitation/restriction'', ''spatial restriction/limitation'', ''free-speech restriction/limitation''...etc. Which one of the German words fit in which scenario or context?


with time we often use the word limit ans say e.g.: "Wir haben ein Zeitlimit von..." with movement there is for example: "die Bewegungseinschränkung", "die Bewegung ist eingeschränkt" spatial restriction: "beschränkter Zugang zu ... (Data/ Rooms/...)" or "eingeschränkt Zugang erhalten zu..."

free-speech restriction we say in this case not "eingeschränkte Meinungsfreiheit" because a freedom is no freedom if it becomes limited but we say that someone has none. For example we say: "Jemand kann seine Meinung nur eingeschränkt äußern" or "Jemand hat keine Meinungsfreiheit"

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Whenryn - I like to go to Linguee. I put a link in for you to go to the site. Just type in the word you want to see in context. I started you off on one of them. Under Beispiele: you will see a symbol like this [...] click on it to get even more examples.


I hope this helps.


I understand so much better now. I thank you all for the help.


well maybe a languageteacher is a better help than me because I can understand my language in practise as a native speaker but it is not always the same to explain it to someone. So good luck for you all

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