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Yo Soy vs. Me llamo : Help!

Is it wrong to introduce yourself as "Soy _" instead of "Me llamo "?

When I asked my Spanish teacher, he said that it is wrong to use ser. However, I notice many native speakers who will introduce themselves to somebody using "ser" instead of "llamar."


May 9, 2018



"Yo soy ..." is normal. Never it's wrong, except when your teacher wants you to practice "llamarse" ;) And you can use it for more things, like "Soy estudiante/bombero/canadiente/lo que sea".


Well, Yo soy = I am. and "Me llamo" = My name is. Yo soy de Costa Rica, yo soy policía. Me llamo Richard, or Mi nombre es Richard. If you don't understand, let me know.


One is I am (I am Bob). The other is sort of like I am called (They call me Bob). (llamar = to call)


you csn use both to introduce yourself but me llamo is better


And to really confuse things you can say mi nombre es Bob. :-)

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