Has anyone else not received their points for a story?

I just finished a story and did not get credit for the points that I was suppose to get. Last night I didn't receive points for two stories. However, this morning I saw that I received the points hours later.

Is there a time delay between earning the points and receiving credit? If so, how does this effect a person's streak?

May 9, 2018


Yes, I have noticed a delay in getting points for doing the stories. The points are eventually credited and it only happens every so often. What bothers me is that any new vocabulary we encounter in the stories does not add to our list of "Words", so in that regard they might be independent of the main lesson.

May 9, 2018

Hi Daniel, I was not aware that the new words were not added to our list of "Words". I am definitely aware that there are new words though. Especially when then are part of fill in the blank. After the frustration that I feel I do write the new words down and am happy to have them :-)

I just discovered a new glitch. I was not able to post for a minute. The post and cancel buttons were missing. ? I wonder if the reason for these glitches is because Duolingo is getting a lot more students.

I'll be looking for you in the Sentence Discusssions ;)

May 9, 2018

The glitch you mentioned may not be on Duolingo's end. It might be a process on your computer interfering with the Browser or your internet connection might be slowing down. I've had my internet connection go down completely right in the middle of a Duolingo exercise, so this is not an unknown occurrence.

May 10, 2018

I get mine immediately after I finish the story...I have done about 8 stories. Have you tried rebooting your computer?

May 10, 2018

How do I do that?

May 10, 2018

Ah :D is this why the friend adds? ;) thought I'd better check the forums in case you were trying to send a signal ;)

also Librarians has been cancelled btw!

May 9, 2018

You silly goose ;) This is an actual post. I wish someone would let me know if this time delay could effect a streak.

OMG You have a 26 day streak! Congratulations! Are you starting Spanish over? Do you have the tree that has crowns? I really like the Crown system because the lessons are shorter so that I feel that I am accomplishing more. Also, concepts are repeated more and in different ways. Lingo, I swear I am in danger of really learning French and Spanish! ;)

Did I tell you that I now have a Spanish speaking friend named Daphne? She helps me correctly speak Spanish and I teach her English idioms. Not exactly a fair trade but we have so much fun. She should be here any minute.

Anyway, I was saying "Hi" and I intended to look for you in a discussion, but this is nice :)

What is Jarvis? I googled it and the definition was a kind of cheese. Who will always be your Jarvis.

Let's discuss our Spanish progress tomorrow. I wonder if that should be a different post....

May 10, 2018

oops - Jervis :)

May 10, 2018

Ok good to confirm the meaning of the friend adds ;)

Yes I have the crowns. didn't understand at first. thought had to keep doing lessons until it said the subject was complete. did many of basic 1, then it showed the next level had 15 lessons of sth, so then I gave up and moved on. now I only do enough to gain 1 level and move on to the next tier.

Yes you mentioned your friend :) I don't use the forums so you will never find me there.(here ;) )

Jervis is a character from a book called daddy long legs. I don't want to break your heart (;p) but... I'm not your Jervis :(( :))

I'm up to the spanish row that starts with household. learning because a friend wanted to.

no mention about librarians being cancelled.. hmm thought you would be gutted :)

last I heard was that the producer was looking for other channels to buy the show.

May 11, 2018

Gutted? I'm not a fish! However, I am terribly stressed that Librarians might not be on again.

I am saddened that you are not my Jervis. What does this mean anyway?

Ophelia, please do not be frustrated by the repetition of this new system. I am sure that you type much faster than I do. Imagine if you typed ate 25 words a minute!

I really like this new system. Please give it a real try. I presently have 107 crowns. Beat that if you can ;) ) Someday you might teach me how to do the Spanish accents and we could have an authentic Spanish conversation :^)

Presently, I do Spanish only when Dapne is here because Spanish does not have the Tips and Notes support that French does. I find this fact to be terribly frustrating. Lately I have not been getting much Spanish done when Dapne comes over because we are having so much fun talking. I swear, she and I will be talking for less than a minute and we will be googling an English word I said that she did not understand. I could not believe all the words that I supposedly have been using incorrectly.

These are a few of the words that I use in a playful manner, but google defines them as totally different than in the spirit that I use them. hussy, rambling, mock "I laughed at her and said 'You mock me haha' " Correct punctuation? We looked up mock and saw how mean spirited a word that it is.

Another phrase that I used (and everyone I grew up with uses), "I always thought you were a bit off" (haha) This is said after someone says "Something's off"

I could go on and on and on... Let's just say, Dapne is getting a great education on Street English and I have not been getting much Spanish accomplished.

Another fact that Dapne has caused me to think about is how much the English language uses all the tenses of the word 'Do'. That's all I will say about that because I probably would write as much about "Do" as I have already written.

Ophelia, have you tried the stories? (Not, did you do any stories ;) ? I love them! Please do a story and let's discuss the story and the words and the phrases in it.

As always, I love hearing from you. Please keep in touch and do a story... (I'm pretty sure that I am not suppose to start a sentence with a preposition) I do need help expressing myself with correct grammar. Ophelia, please be my English teacher!

May 11, 2018

Lingo, of course I want to say something! Don't I always? 108 crowns... Catch me if you can...

May 12, 2018

oh I forgot to remove that :)

nvm the Jervis thing, it's not supposed to be understandable ;)

I can't teach you eng. I thought 'did you do any' was grammatically correct '':)

I've never heard of this 'stories' thing you mention... 8/ (thinking emoji that I invented)

oh, and tell me you can copy & paste now. then tell me how many times you've kicked yourself after realising how easy it all was. ;)

May 12, 2018

omg.. :-o ... I hope you will be able to move to safety soon!!

Came to say my Spanish tree has exploded.. pages upon pages of new lessons added. will now take 2 years to complete :|

I tried a story... too difficult at the moment. I was completely lost when the very first question came :))

My avatar is from the angry birds movie I think.

Stay safe xc

May 27, 2018


Did you know that you are told the translation of a word when you touch it? I would not be able to do the stories without that help.

I love listening to the rhythm of the speech and the inflections. I also love seeing the sentence structure and grammar that we have been learning on Duo. Did you know that each time you listen to the same sentence the speed becomes slower? I think it stops slowing down after the 4th time. By that time the speech sounds like a robot winding down :)

Wait. Your Spanish tree has exploded? I must check that. Later O...

May 29, 2018

you have not replied :(

May 17, 2018

Did you add on to your previous response? The last time I looked over this discussion I only saw "oh, I forgot to remove that" I felt offended.

Congratulations on your 39 day streak :) applause I lso noticed that you have 90 XP's for the week!!! applause applause* I needed to find you and congratulate you :) I am jealous of the person who is inspiring you to engage with Duo.

The stories that I am referring to are the Labs tab at the top of this page. I really like the stories. They are such fun. When I do a Spanish story Dafne always laughs before I do because she just needs to read the story ;)

Yes, RR taught me how to do links. She was a persistent, patient instructor. During our student/instructor friendship she was like a dog with a bone. Since we were frequently talking I learned just to have some peace and quiet. However, I thanked her later

Nice talking with you Ophelia. Let's catch up again soon :)

May 24, 2018


June 10, 2018

Mr. Pendleton?

June 10, 2018

Hello :)

yes I gradually added more to my reply over time. you had written a lot and I wasn't ready to fully reply to everything yet. I see you are still quick to find offence ;)

who is RR?

what happened with 'Project Hope' ? you still talk?

my streak: thanks :) will self destruct it at 60. don't want to let it get out of control and become a burden that rules me.

so you have 108 crowns just in Spanish?? seems impossible. I only have 17 '':/

Labs: will have a peek. ty :)

May 26, 2018

I now have 115 crowns :) However, they are mostly in French. I won't be accomplishing many crowns until August. July if I am lucky to find an apartment sooner. The drug dealers are outnumbering the honest folks in this area. Life here is stressful and a bit scary. Especially when you find that your landlord is profiting quite handsomely from this environment that she has had a hand in creating. What a rude awakening, I am often told that I am too paranoid. This is an instance that I was not paranoid enough.

Prresently I am giving myself the same "pep talk" that I give my children when they feel that they have been treated unfairly or they simply don't know how to solve a problem. Are you ready for this?

Eventually, we all get to die. ( uplifting?) 100 years from now no one will remember your name, much less your present dilemma. When you see a gravestone in a cemetery, just know that under that stone lies a person who also stressed about where to live, what to eat, who to love.... All the things that make up our lives. They each have a life story. Sometimes we just need to pray and hope we make our story as kind and hopeful for ourselves and the people in our lives.

Just feeling a little philosophical right now.

I think the only person who might know how hope is doing is Bunny. His name escapes me now. (stress will do that) I do think of Hope quite often. I pray that she is alright. I wish I knew how she is doing. I might add to this in time :) I think I will do a French story. The stories do take my mind off things for a little while. Later... Who is your avatar?

May 27, 2018

Hey O :) I lost this thread and had given my account to someone for several weeks. they really were keen to use my new tree. let them have at it :)

now we've 'broken up' (amicably) so I'm back on my account now.

I'm trying rosetta stone again. also learnt 100 spanish verbs in 2 days using a book of mnemonics.

no I didn't know you could cheat in stories by hovering. but it makes sense, since you can do that in lessons too.

do you have the new expanded tree?

have you moved house?

edit: noticed you had 0 xp for the week! wondered if you had just forgotten today or you had stopped. now I see your streak is gone! :(

my guess is you were moving house and had no internet. but maybe you are glad to be free of the burden? I don't know.

July 2, 2018

Lingo, Where are you? Why did you switch to a kooky picture of Sponge Bob?

You are correct. I did not have internet until July 10th. The Fourth of July tends to make moving a little more challenging, especially when it lands on a Wednesday.

My new apartment feels so strange. In a nice way. But still, so very strange.

What travels are you on my friend?

July 18, 2018

! had no idea you had replied!! figured you would friend add when you had replied. was confused by your 'where are you' :D then I saw your other message from 4 days ago!

great that you found somewhere new. how many miles from your old place?

what are 'our' shows? :) I can only think of Librarians :) seems to still be cancelled. I had remembered that the director/producer was trying to find another buyer for the show. checked his twitter and he is promoting something called 'The Outpost' now. Maybe he has moved on :(

looked kinda like a low budget game of thrones with some monsters thrown in. no urge to download it. maybe if I get desperate for content.

I love the bob face :))

edit 26th July : 100 day streak :) will stop now. for weeks I've only been doing 1xp per day anyway. my spanish partner quit also.

July 19, 2018

Hi Lingo :) How is England? How's the weather? Are you still enjoying your coffee and wine?

Have you seen the series 'The Crossover'? Please check it out. The show is like something I have never seen before. I suppose it will be canceled since I love it.

What have you been doing?

July 29, 2018

OMG Lingo! :) I did not recognize you! What a makeover :) I was not able to find you on my friends list so I came here to see what you looked like. Have you been drinking?

Any updates on our shows? Later amigo :)

July 14, 2018
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