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  5. I love the new system.


I love the new system.

I started Duolingo a couple of years ago and enjoyed filling out the tree and then keeping each area updated. I was disappointed at the depth however. Now you have added much more depth, allowing me to learn more. I now busy myself adding depth to each area by increasing the level. At first I was going to take each modual to level five, starting at the beginning. Now I have decided to work my way through bringing all to level 3, then level 4, then level five. My crown score is above 200 and keeps increasing each time a new level is reached. You recently added color to indicate which level I was at for each unit ... that was a helpful change. I hope the critics will give this another chance. I have learned six languages and have taught two at the college level. This system is the best I've found and I own that other expensive software.

May 9, 2018



I am really enjoying the new changes! Has helped me grasp the placement of adjectives and pronouns in the sentences, while improving vocabulary!


I definitely agree with this gentleman who is clearly a language expert. I only found dl about 3 months prior to the new version. I liked it a lot. since it was such fun and I could test out of the beginner lessons, I spent time on the site and advanced. I have only begun using the new version a week or so ago, but I have been using the same method-turning all of the tree to level 3. I really think I am learning more with the new program. I think it is particularly strong on sentence structure. Change is always hard to embrace for all of us.


I agree! I had barely started when they switched to the new system, so I didn't have much invested in the old system. This system is really addicting, not too hard so it's not discouraging and not too easy so it's not boring!

By the way, if anyone from DL is reading, I think it would be cool to add more bells and whistles to the program. Some kind of extra pizzazz when someone reaches 50 or 100 or 1000 day streak, level 10, level 20 etc


I don't like it, they've made it harder to understand and are putting words I've never seen it questions that I can't view the word. Not good for a complete beginner.


Ja, I saw your complaint a day or two ago. If you are a complete beginner, how do you have knowledge of the previous system? The questions are exactly the same!


I think the new system is an improvement. However, I didn't realize what I needed to do until I read this discussion (I had been just practicing and doing the stories for some time.) I hadn't realized I could increase my level. The early ones are pretty easy, but I expect the extra practice in the later nodes will be helpful.

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