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  5. "Zase počítáš ovce?"

"Zase počítáš ovce?"

Translation:Are you counting sheep again?

May 9, 2018



Is there actually a reason why the Czech words for sheep and fruit are so so similar or is it completely coincidental?


Completely coincidental. Ovoce has the same origin as German Obst and English ovest. Ovce has the same origin as Latin ovis, German Aue and English ewe.


Can this be a reference to insomnia, or is it literally about counting sheep? Thanks mods!


I would guess it is about insomnia and about being funny. Attracts your attention and makes you remember at the same time. Double prize.


How about : "Are you still counting sheep?"


No, we'd need something like stále, ještě, dál, dále, nadále, or pořád instead of zase.


Why you have to count ONE sheep again?


"Sheep" is both singular and plural. And "again" here refers to the general activity of "counting sheep," not to "counting" one sheep and then counting it once more. As in, for example, you "counted sheep" last night because you couldn't fall asleep. Tonight you can't fall asleep either... so you are counting sheep AGAIN tonight.

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