I love speaking German to my friends an have them guess what I'm saying (they usually guess wrong, like when I asked my friend what wasser meant she thought it meant girl).

May 9, 2018


Welcome! :-) This is interesting -- my friends normally understand what I'm saying in German.

A tiny correction: The noun "das Wasser" should be written with a capital letter. In German, all nouns are written with a capital letter. Also, because there are three genders for German nouns, you should learn each noun together with its definite article in the nominative case. For example, "das Wasser", "der Wein", "die Milch". If you learn these as units, you will have fewer difficulties later when building sentences with these words.

Happy learning! :-)

Thanks for the suggestion. I love getting feedback on how to learn better. It always helps!
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Das klingt nach einem guten Spiel!

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