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Spanish Problem

I am having trouble with remembering Spanish words. Any tips?

May 9, 2018


[deactivated user]

    I use flashcards. I make my own. Big green marker for "verbs" big red marker for "nouns" big blue marker for "adjectives" etc. I think the color code helps me but heck, that may just be a placebo. Pick your own colors, but flashcards help a lot to me. I don't use them as much now, but they're nice to have, and just taking the time to make them will teach you much.


    I use post it notes. The color idea will be added. Rather than think of it as a placebo, try mnemonic. Our brains work in mysterious ways! My home looks like a home for a bilingual early stage Alzheimer’s patient. On a lighter note, my husband is picking up spanish by accident. He got sad, when I took down the words that were thouroughly memorized. I just keep making more.

    I wish that my last Alzheimer’s patient had used the system. I read about her work with the government and immigration. She would have loved it. Her major passion was civil rights.

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks! Nice to know there's a science behind it, I really do see that it helps me.


      Wow! I didn't know that!


      Thanks for the tips!


      Yes repetition is the key, do the same words every few days for awhile. one other thing might help. You could start with all the words that are similar to English or the more familiar Spanish words. Spanish words like tractor, conductor, garaje, musica, telefono, accidente, cabina, animal, color, idea, importante, there are many. Then expand outward.


      Another vote for flashcards.

      If you don't like physical flash cards, try Memrise or ANKI. They use "spaced repetition" which is proven to be effective and efficient at moving new knowledge into long term memory. Duolingo uses it too, in the "Practice" button on the home page. You'll see new words frequently, and words you get wrong will appear more frequently, but old familiar words will appear less and less, especially if you always get them right.


      Follow daily spanish word on instagram. It does not use only Duolingo words, but the posts are very helpful. It uses imagery and cute phrases to help you remember words. e.g. El ojo. Imagine the o's being the eyes and the j the nose

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