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  5. "Ich gehe sehr oft laufen."

"Ich gehe sehr oft laufen."

Translation:I go running very often.

May 10, 2018



What is wrong with "I very often go running"


Nothing. I reported it.


why isn't : very often I go running - acceptable?


Report. I know I did


Doesn't laufen mean to walk and rennen mean to run? What's happening here?


"Ich gehe laufen." means "I go running.". Honestly, I can't tell you why, it's just the way it evolved. If you'd say "Ich gehe rennen.", it sounds more like "I am going to take part in a race." If you want to say "I go for a walk.", I'd use "Ich gehe spazieren."


Friggin' German, man... It's just rules on top of rules!


[ nearly native speaker / 20 years ] Well, not quite actually ''laufen'' means ''running'' in Hochdeutsch and in written German and in School and in ARD and ZDF, but in e.g southern Germany like BW and Bayern 'laufen gehen'' has got the meaning 'taking a walk''. An Erasmus student in Stuttgart told me 25 years ago that the new student dorm friends asked him on his first very day if he wanted to join them and go 'laufen gehen'. Sure, wait a sec, he said, since he was proud his Swedish school German was good enough to follow the conversation, and hurried up to his room to change into jogging clothes before anyone had a chance to stop him. 5 minutes later back in the kitchen he couldn't understand why everybody was laughing and why nobody had changed ;-) Ergo, sometimes there are 'false friends' within one country and one language !


but in many German examples I've seen walking expressed as laufen, so why is it wrong to translate it that way here?


Right, the Duo dictionary defines laufen as "walk, run, walking". Even if it isn't the most common to say it, is it really wrong?


I also reported I very often go running. 3 Jan 2019 Still no response or correction from DUO


I reported it today, February 20, 2019.


Reported today, March 23, 2019.


I go walking very often, running is "rennen"


As of 2020-03-03 'I very often go running' is accepted by Duo !


Would that emphasis then be "Sehr oft gehe ich laufen"?


Is "I go for a run very often." acceptable?


Very often I go running is good English word order. Duo kept correcting other English word orders why not accept a good one????


''I very often go for a run'' sounds most human, and it isn't accepted. Why?

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