"La televisión es divertida a veces."

Translation:Television is fun sometimes.

May 10, 2018


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What about: The television is fun sometimes.

May 10, 2018


That looks right.

January 12, 2019


Hmm, how about, Television is funny sometimes?

August 10, 2018


"Television is funny sometimes" should be accepted. Reported this on 8/21/2018.

August 22, 2018


¡ Cierto !

October 1, 2018


"Television is funny sometimes." would be "La televisión está divertida a veces."

April 13, 2019


Is it common for the same word to have a subtle difference in meaning with ser versus estar? I read in another thread that aburrido also has different meanings (the subject is bored / boring) when used with estar / ser.

July 25, 2019


Yes, check out the "Meaning Changes With Ser and Estar Phrases" in this link.


July 26, 2019


Sometimes TV is funny. (or "entertaining") Perhaps, more accurately, it should be considered entraining.

May 25, 2018


You are right divertida can mean entertaining. And I am wondering which sentences does Duolingo think funny is a correct translation for divertido/divertida.

January 12, 2019


Of course, without better context, it is difficult to determine whether a TV program is fun, entertaining, enjoyable, or funny.

I would say funny would be more readily accepted when jokes, comedy, or clowns are implied. That's just my best guess.

March 16, 2019



As everyone can see, the verb in the Duolingo exercise that we are discussing is a form of SER.

I might be wrong, but in the future, I imagine that Duolingo is not going to give credit for translating divertido/divertida as "funny" unless the verb in a different Duolingo exercise is Estar instead of Ser. Ser could also be used with divertido to mean funny. But Estar works better.

April 14, 2019


They are expressing a characteristic of television. Characteristics of something use the verb ser.

May 16, 2019


"entertaining" should be acceptable for "divertida"

June 15, 2018


It is accepted as at Feb-2019. It seems to me that this is often a better translation than 'fun'.

February 15, 2019


Why is "funny sometimes" not accepted. It says that divertida can mean fun or funny.

August 10, 2018


"Television is sometimes fun" sounds normal for transulation in English...

June 18, 2018


"enjoyable" was accepted as a translation for "divertida" elsewhere on DL but wasn't here. Go figure. DL is clearly a work in progress.

June 20, 2018


and slightly frustrating.

August 4, 2018


"Television is sometimes fun" appears to be a reasonable translation.

June 24, 2018


How about "at times" instead of "sometimes"?

July 24, 2018


I think it should be OK, but not sure what DL will say

July 26, 2018


Why wouldn't they accept "Televison is funny sometimes"? They counted it wrong.

September 20, 2018



October 28, 2018


Me too. Reported

November 9, 2018


Since the times TV is fun are sometimes, why is es correct here rather than está? Sometimes is a temporary time.

March 15, 2019


Using the temporary versus permanent rule for choosing between ser and estar does not always work. For example, "Where is the bathroom?" The location of the bathroom does not change but you use the verb estar. ¿Dónde está el baño? In this case, we are talking about characteristics of television and characteristics are used with the verb ser.

May 16, 2019


Stop doing this. It doesn't work for the purpose that you are using it for. The distinction between temporary and stable does have applications. But don't use this distinction for the purpose of choosing which verb until your Spanish is advanced enough to allow you understand how the meaning of divertido changes depending on which verb is used.

Instead of doing what you have been doing, pair divertido with the verb, Ser. Memorize that divertido primarily means "fun".

You will pair some adjectives with Estar. And other adjectives will be paired with Ser. You will pair them one by one until you have the common adjectives all memorized.

If you memorized divertido is paired with SER, then you are won't need to struggle anymore with choosing a verb for divertido when you intend for divertido to mean "fun". Divertido primarily means "fun".

March 15, 2019


PhillipMcN2, my purpose for asking the question is simply to learn, the same reason I am using Duolingo. I don't understand why I should, "Stop doing this." My purpose is simple and I still would like an answer to my legitimate question.

March 15, 2019


I told you not to reason in that manner. I told you to stop doing that because it is faulty reasoning. And I am directing you to let go of your distortion of the truth about the verb, estar.

Note: It is okay to say La televisión está divertida a veces. But you still need to memorize that SER is the primary verb that is paired with divertido / divertida when divertido means "fun." The meaning of divertido/divertida changes if the verb changes to ESTAR.

This is not the first time I have given this same advice. I treated your question as a legitimate question. I gave you a truthful answer. I told you what works. I told you how to succeed.

Opinions vary. Your question has been answered in the forum in the past by other people in various ways.

I can understand if you don't agree with my opinion. People don't always agree. This is normal.


March 15, 2019


what about "The TV is a diversion at times." Why is that wrong

June 9, 2018


Your translation is wrong because the English word, "diversion", is a noun. Instead you should have said, "The TV is distracting at times."

October 14, 2018


divertida, sometimes use es, some times use está. if the subject is funny, we use es. if the subject is amused, entertained, we use está. probably. I still feel spanish is playing too much grammar, unnecessarily.

July 23, 2018


What is wrong with "amusing"? Time DL extended its vocabulary!

December 16, 2018


el televisor or la television... Why?

March 11, 2019


I don't understand. What is your question?

March 15, 2019


I've seen TV translated both ways, I don't understand why. Is it a masc/fem thing?

March 15, 2019



You might want to research the etymology of each Spanish word.

And if you are also interested in researching the etymology of the English word, television, you can go to this web site.

Here is an analogy:

  • automobile
  • car
March 15, 2019


Maybe you should resist the need to reply to some questions if we annoy you. I've read several of your responses and most sound like you think we should know all this already. I live to learn. I'm new to this and think I'm doing great for less than a month. So don't make ppl feel stupid for asking a question. Just because it makes obvious sense to you doesn't mean it does to everyone. Please be aware of how you come off or just don't respond. Thank you for the links tho. Aprendo mucho

March 16, 2019


Please be aware of how you come off or just don't respond. Thank you for the links tho.

And thank you for the feedback. Yes, writing posts without sending mixed messages is helpful and loving. I can write better posts in the future as I continue to grow. But it might surprise you that I have already been making efforts to write well.

I thank you for your undertanding in the future when you notice that Phillip is still making mistakes when he writes his posts. And if you feel triggered emotionally, you might want to make lemonade from the lemons. Make this choice by choosing to feel your unpleasant feelings instead of suppressing them or allowing them to remain suppressed.

When we are triggered emotionally, this helps us to feel our suppressed feelings. These feelings need to be felt if we are ever going to heal.

March 16, 2019


I answered "Television is fun at times." Rejected.

August 6, 2018


It is 4 months later and "funny" is still not accepted!! Not sure I understand, I want to know what is correct. Please help!!

October 8, 2018


"Television is funny sometimes," should be accepted.

October 26, 2018


tv is funny sometimes should be accepted

November 17, 2018


What about amusing?

December 27, 2018


"Sometimes TV is fun" works for me. Seems the simplest and most translation to me.

January 17, 2019


I wasn't allowed the translation "amusing", but Google and my dictionary tell me this is correct

January 19, 2019


Divertida also translates as "amusing", but Duolingo doesn't allow it.

January 19, 2019


Anyone else think that their pronunciation is near perfect, then get an X thrown at them? I am very careful to enunciate, but this still happens to me, a veces.

January 27, 2019


Is divertida feminine?

February 13, 2019


Yes it is the feminine of divertido.

February 14, 2019


Why is when I use televisor is incorrect?

March 2, 2019


El televisor is the television set. La televisión is the programming that you watch. When you go to the store to buy a television set, you say "Estoy mirando el televisor." When you are at home you say "Estoy viendo la televisión. I used the verb ver in the last sentence instead of mirar because everywhere I have been (including and between Mexico and Ecuador) that is what they say.

May 16, 2019



Be careful when you make a comparison. The dictionary gives three meanings of the Spanish word, (la) televisión. One of these three meanings is (el) televisor.

But the dictionary gives only one meaning for the Spanish word, (el) televisor. And you got this one right.

May 16, 2019


Are you trying to create an answer in English or Spanish?

El televisor es divertido a veces.
― The television is fun sometimes.

March 15, 2019
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