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Native czech speaker unable to test out from the czech course

Iam native czech speaker but acording to the czech course i apparently cannot speak czech. Funny.

May 10, 2018



have a lingot for your pain and suffering.

Iam native czech speaker

i would imagine you may have failed a few english answers?


simple typo. happens to the best of us


the missed space for sure. the article, wouldn't be so sure.


I also had some mistakes when I started. I realized I did a few English mistakes, reported some translations (some were accepted since then) and moved on and did the rest skill after skill. It took just a couple of days, no big deal. Remember, for us it is more like a test of English than Czech.


I tested out of some of the English for German speakers course, but apart from the satisfaction of all of those XPs and all of those hoots and whistles and owls and whatever that they use to motivate you, I came to find that I already knew English and testing out wasn't helping me with my German.

Fortunately, I doubt I will try to do the same with the Angličtina course, for one basic reason: while I think I can read most of the German and Spanish sentences in those courses without having to think too much about it, a lot of the Czech sentences are still a complicated jumble of unintelligible words and endings to me. I did, however, try to plow through the Czech - English course (edit: English - Czech, I meant — this one) before going back to dive into many of the details, so that I would have a bit more context for this very complicated language. Nothing more to do, I suppose, than take it one skill at a time...

Also, one very small nitpick: "made... mistakes".


fwiw, testing out seems to have been nerfed a lot, probably in conjunction with the crown update. my flawlessly executed placement test (on the second try i remembered what was missing in the recognized answers) in en for cs speakers got me not quite past half the skills, level 8. this used to be much more generous, beyond the last checkpoint and yielding level 10 from scratch.


Two years ago I got level 7 in Russian without any previous study (except the Cyrillic alphabet). And I obviously made multiple mistakes.


Sorry - did not mean to sound like a pedant, particularly after you all have been so helpful. When you spend time on the XYZ-to-English side, it becomes a reflex...

And @svrsheque: As I recall, DE-EN got me about to Level 8 or so, before the crown update. I’m assuming they brought it in at some point to make it more of a free sample and less of a free meal...


I didn't mean you, I meant myself doing several mistakes in Russian back than :] But still they gave me level 7. It appears to be harsher now.

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