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Typing sentences vs Multiple choice

I think there is probably logic in combing typing and multiple choice, but the multiple choice question seem to be ten times easier than the typed questions. A couple seem a bit trcky, but most are self evident if you can recognise a word or two. Similarly with the drop boxes for the articles. If I've just typed a ten word sentence, which would have been marked wrong if any element was incorrect, then it's a bit odd that I'm being asked relatively simple gender questions (I know genders are a nightmare to remember, but I mean comparative difficulty).

The drop boxes are annoying, because you can't use the Keyboard, and it would actually be quicker (for me) to type the articles.

July 5, 2012



You can use the keyboard for the drop boxes, just press the down arrow key. It works for me.


I agree completely. I don't understand why they're using those multiple choice questions


Ah, danke für den Tipp. I shall try it next time.


I understand this part of the exercise as a means to introduce new words/concepts within the structures we already handle. We learn new words without being aware of that. We also can see how the declensions work with different words.


@Dieter_Drawe I don't think it's really helpful to write in German when explaining things for beginner learners.

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