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How Do You Progress Through The Lessons?

Hey all, so i'm currently learning Spanish and I'm just wondering what's the best thing to do in regards to learning. Do i do EVERY lesson up until level 1 and then go back through and progress to level 2...rinse and repeat?

Or would it be better to do a whole section up until max level then progress?

I'm not really sure what would be best.

May 10, 2018



if it's your first time doing the tree i'd say it's best to get to about level two on each one. so do each lesson about 10 times in total? for revision i'd say maybe level four. three if you have a good memory. there's really not a whole lot of reason to go up to level five except to gild your whole tree.

i've tried with a few trees and there doesn't seem to be any content in the upper levels of the lower section that doesn't get covered later in the tree.

crowns (with different difficulties every level, and new, in-depth vocab) is a very hard thing to pull off without an entire re-design of the tree.

if you want to get to level five just to access new content, that's okay, don't bother. there is an increase in difficulty from level one to level three maybe but it's mostly just longer sentences, at least in the lessons i've done up to level five. not many. 30 repeats for a single lesson is too much for me :( i get to level three and then stop. maybe level four if i liked the lesson.

it is good motivation for revising! i want all my lessons to be on the same level, so if i have one lessons that's level four they all have to be level four...

anyway, it's both good and bad and i'm not sad about the changes, i'm glad duo is doing their best to teach us efficiently! good luck on your language learning journey :-)


Great comment, thanks! :) I'll do that then, get to level 2 or 3 in each section then advance.


Replying just to see what my flags are


Same I guess. What do the numbers mean?


what do they mean tho?


now you got me curious even though i only started :(


Now I'm curious too!


yo tambien lol


I will try the same :)


Also replying for the same reason :)


Lemme see what I have


Me as well thanks


Thank you for your input. I think I will be trying this moving forward!


I have been really curious about this too.


I'm in the same boat. I just started blasting through the sections and I really have no idea of the big picture. I'm learning a lot, but I feel like I am missing something.


Yeah me too, I've just finished the first section but dont want to fully commit to the next section if the next section uses any of the level 2+ words or phrases.


My rule is to do a skill, the skill(s) below it must be one level higher than it will be. So first I do skill 1. Then I get that to level 2 before moving on to skill 2. Then before doing skill 3 I get skill 1 to level 3 and skill 2 to level 2, etc.

So right now my tree is 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 3.5(the one I'm working on) 2, 2 (double layer skill), 1, 1 (another double layer) 0, 0, 0...


I have been achieving level 1's until I reach a checkpoint, then going back to the start of that section and getting 2's before I move on.

Then when I'm bogged down in new material and need to boost my confidence, I will go back to an early skill and grind it up to 5... which is also a nice way to achieve some fast XP after you've been taking your time with new concepts.


I don't even know what an XP is. LOL.


eXperience Points... ;)


I would suggest taking time to check out What are Crown Levels?

And also the mega post on crowns that is also mentioned in that help resource.

It all depends on your own learning style and what you find useful for your own learning journey.

I also highly recommend taking time to read the tips and notes. And also checking out the sentence discussion forums, as you go through lessons. Also , ask language questions as well.

Most people seem to find doing a mix, of pushing through the tree, yet taking time to repeat certain lessons that interest them, or that they find particularly challenging. And to take the time on those, to read tips and notes, and to also check out the Sentence Discussions.

Wishing you the best with your language learning.


Thank you. As I said, I just started blasting through with no rhyme or reason. I know I am missing the big picture. And since I am using my mobile app on the phone, I'm probably missing a lot. I probably should start using the computer.


Isn't the point of a language tool like Duolingo to guide a person and be that intelligence? If someone needs an instruction manual to use your app, haven't you failed? This is the first time learning a new language and I look at my tree and don't know what the hell to do next...

I've just started using flashcards on paper... The audio isn't even that good (in Romanian)


Flashcards? Try Tinycards... like flashcards but on the smartphone.


Ah right gotcha, thanks Linda! I had an inkling that this was the case, I will continue and complete a full section then before exploring new words and new sections. :)

[deactivated user]

    I originally did one or 2 levels in sections and moved on, thinking I would do levels 3 or 4 later to help refresh. Then I saw my progress atrophy or be deleted unless you max a section out. I still refresh myself or practice sections I've completed, but I do complete them for the most part before moving on so my progress isn't deleted.


    If your skills are getting "deleted" that's a bug of some sort. Or you got an updated tree or something. The skills don't decay anymore.


    It seems that the content becomes very repetitive after Level 1 with no or very few new words added. I generally complete Level 1 and see how I do. For sections where I feel I need more practice I go up to Level 2 or 3 and then I move on to the next section.


    I think it depends a lot on how good your memory is.

    Within a section, I will generally complete Level 1 of a skill and move on to the next skill if I feel comfortable. But I will get all skills in a section to at least level two before I start a new section.

    But when I find I am making a lot of mistakes, I go back and practice those sections again. So that eventually levels them up more. And I often just go straight to the Practice button (the one with the little dumbbell weight) to give myself "pop quizzes". Sometimes doing that gives me practice in a skill I didn't realize I was rusty in.


    Another method I've just started using which is a game changer for me is to do the revisions without the word choices, makes me much more disciplined, apologies if this is something that everyone does :-)


    I try to do this after level 2!


    Hello, how do you turn this option on? I haven't seen something like this on the app that I've noticed!


    The advantage of going all the way through to level 5 on each skills seems to be repetition (some stuff I know without having to think, it just comes out, as would do in my native language) and that levels 4 & 5 get you to do more of the typing - so levels 1/2/3 do more questions where you pick answers/listen/speak but it's a different/harder skill/brain function to write in the language (spelling, grammar, accents etc). The old adage is that we remember 30% of what we see, 60% of what we see and hear, 90% of what we see, hear and write.... Different brain functions/means of applying the language.


    I get to five for each skill then progress


    I do everything to level 5, but I do it progressively. What I mean by that is that I will start my day with one skill at level 4, then next at 3, then 2, and finally 1 skill at level 1. I try to do 5 skills a day so that I progress each skill by one, completing the level 4 skill and starting a new skill at the end.

    It has been working well for me so far and really feels like I'm learning. By the time I master one skill, I'm already learning something new.


    This is exactly how I've been doing mine.


    I progress in "waves" , if I feel my knowledge is becoming shaky and falling apart, I go back to strenghten the previous levels. I save the higher level exercises for the repetition, when I feel I need it.


    i think if you really want to learn a language at its fullest you would do better by maxing the levels


    Live imi_imp said, Level 2 is the sweet spot to get on each lesson. If you finish everything, by all means go more in depth. It is a decision based on your learning style, but this should work for most.


    I’m commenting to see my flags, haha :)


    Are all the languages basically set out in the same type of tree? Are some languages more supported than others?


    Let's hop on the trend then


    I find that doing a whole chapter once, then reviewing it so that it levels up to level 2 is good. Then I go to the next chapter. Then if I feel like it, I will review the first one up to level 3.

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