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"I am serious."


May 10, 2018



Will there be an extended version of this? Something like...

{bISagh, qar'a'?} {jISagh 'ej *qara HIpongQo'!}

(edited to fix formatting that got eaten)


I would put it as bISaghlaHbe', qar'a'. Since we've never seen qar'a' used as a name, it doesn't work so well, but finding a joke like that would be great. There is a Klingonist who goes by the name pagh. So every time someone asks a question like, janglaH 'Iv "Who can answer?" and someone says pagh "No one," we all turn to look at pagh for an answer.


It's strange, I had {bISaghlaHbe'} before but I don't know why I shortened it. I think it could work if it refers to the name Kara somehow, but not as you say as a purely Klingon name.

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