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"The cook rarely cooks vegetables."

Translation:Der Koch kocht selten Gemüse.

May 10, 2018



Why not, "Der Koch kocht Gemüse selten"? I thought subject-verb-object-others was the proper order?


You're correct about the SVO order, but that doesn't say anything about the position of adverbs. The natural position of the adverb (like selten) is next to the verb. And the natural position of the most relevant object to the verb (Gemüse) is toward the end of the sentence. These two tendencies together encourage the word order in Duo's example.

If you want to emphasise selten in a more natural way, see Raisinnoir's suggestion in another comment.

Here is a useful series of longer explanations about word order, if you're interested.


You could say "Selten kocht der Koch Gemuese.


Yep, that also works. It slightly emphasises selten more than the neutral word order in Duo's example.


Aha, also müssen wir es roh essen!


Why can't kaum be used here instead of selten?


Why die koche is wrong.. i can also use female version of cook right ????

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