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Separating the?

Hello! i am quite new to german so i have a lot of questions haha!

I was confused about when a 'the' is separated from the noun does it stay the same gender? like if the sentence was "Der Junge" if the Der is separated from the word Junge it become Das like this "Das ist ein Junge" it becomes neutral. is this the case with all nouns? does separating them make the 'the' a neutral das? and is das the only 'the' that can be used as 'that'

May 10, 2018



Hi Kate, the article doesn't change if it is separated from the noun. In your example "Das is ein Junge" the word "Das" isn't an article but a demonstrative pronoun. You could replace it with the "Dies" and it is like pointing at something / someone and saying: This is a boy.

The articles change whenever the noun is used in another case. But not if they are separated. So you can say: "Der kleine Junge ist da." "Der" relates to "Junge" and although, there is an adjective between these words it is the same as without one: "Der Junge ist da."


Okie this helped a lot! thank you for your help!


You are welcome. :-)

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