Difference between הַצָּגָה and מַצֶגֶת?

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I know that הצגה frequently means "stage play," but several dictionaries list it as also having the meaning of "presentation." In this meaning of "presentation," does the word mean exactly the same thing as מצגת, or is there a difference in meaning? If the meaning is different, what are some examples when you would use the one vs. the other?

9 months ago


The words מַצֶגֶת and הַצָּגָה are not interchangeable (I cannot think of any sentence that can be said with both). Yes, they both can mean presentation but that's because presentation have few meanings.

I'll try to explain, though it is hard because both presentation and הַצָּגָה have few different meanings.

The word מַצֶגֶת means presentation as in google slides / powerpoint presentation

The word הַצָּגָה have few different translations:

  • Stage play and figuratively pretense
  • The name of the act of presenting something. E.g. the presenting of the material in the book is exact and clear.
9 months ago
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The act of presenting is "presentation" or "הצגה" in Hebrew, which is also a "stage play".

A presentation ( in PowerPoint, for an example ) is "מצגת".

Examples :

"ההצגה הייתה מאוד טובה, השחקנים שיחקו טוב מאוד!", "לא הגענו להצגה בגלל שלא היה לנו מספיק כסף".

"ההצגה של הפרוייקטים תתבצע מחר"

"המצגת שלך הייתה טובה, אך אתה צריך לתקן כמה דברים", "אני צריך לתקן את המצגת שלי"

9 months ago
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