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  5. "nuSuj targhmey."

"nuSuj targhmey."

Translation:The targs disturb us.

May 10, 2018



Does the word [Suj] mean "disturb" as a synonym for "interrupt," or a synonym for "unnerve"?


It can definitely be used more like "interrupt", or at least like, "make it difficult to concentrate on what you are trying to do" and that is how we use it in this course.


So far as I can tell, the only time it has ever been used by Marc Okrand is in The Klingon Dictionary, in the sentence qaSuj'a' Am I disturbing you? There's no sign that it means unnerve. For that you could use bItmoH cause to be nervous.


Thank you very much. Sometimes, basic word-to-word translations don't fully convey the meaning of a word.


Can "annoy" or "bother" also be valid translations?


I would say no -- "annoy, bother" is a different word in Klingon: nuQ.

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