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  5. "Yo sé cuándo vas a México."

"Yo cuándo vas a México."

Translation:I know when you are going to Mexico.

May 10, 2018



These comments must have been entered when it was wrong. It must have beem fixed, as it is absolutely right now.

This is why it is good practice to date comments...


I used to see times stamps on the comments by default (3 weeks ago, 7 months ago, 43 minutes ago, etc.), but I don't anymore unless I'm viewing them in my web browser.


Hover over the date text ("2 years ago" or "1 month ago"), that's to the right of the "Give Lingot" text. That text is actually a link you can use to directly link to a comment and the rollover text gives you the exact date.

For instance, the link to your comment is:

And the rollover text says "October 15, 2020".


I can't hover over anything in the app, and in any event, the only options it gives for comments are upvote, downvote, and Reply. No "Give Lingot," no "Report," and no "7 minutes ago." As I said in my previous comment, seeing how long ago a comment was left isn't a problem as long as I'm viewing it in the web browser (where I can hover) and not in the app.

I didn't know about the rollover thing, though. Im not sure when or how it will come in handy, but it's interesting to know.


Ah, you're viewing the forums in the app. Yep, a lot less options there. I'd view them in a browser on your phone at least.


Reported. Duo, please fix.

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Umm, somebody entered the wrong question or the wrong answer.


should it not be cuando, i mean without the accent?


this is an exception to the question rule... it has an accent if it comes after sé because it is the interrogative mood. I don't fully understand the grammar, just that it does have an accent after sé


totally right. only when it's in a question it should have the accent. duolingo makes many mistakes in this item


I think this is supposed to be an indirect question (or an answer to an indirect question), therefore cuándo (accent). But, I also think it stands equally well as a declarative sentence, therefore cuando (no accent).


Does sé always have an accent on the e when using it as "i know"


When you are going , not when are you going ?


Can conozco be used instead of ?


no, conocer is to to be familiar with someone while saber is to know about something


I always find it interesting in other languages, they have two words where English has one word and vice versa


The right answer unable to be selected.

[deactivated user]

    Yo creo que él que corrige debe usar el traductor en línea.


    I know 'v' sounds a bit like a 'b' or a 'bv' in Spanish but the audio really sounds like a hard "bus". Also, the slow playback is hiliarous -- he raises his voice when saying "cuándo", almost yelling.


    a spanish v sounds like the english b, so it sounding like bas is correct


    Is cuando and cuándo different words. Cuando was marked wrong 9/11/19


    not really, it's more of a grammar thing


    When to use accent


    Where is the vas, ve , ven lesson


    I heard cuanto not cuando. Womans diction throughout is awful!!


    I spelt México correctly as I thought and I was corrected.

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