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  5. "I am using it."

"I am using it."

Translation:Je l'utilise.

March 24, 2013



'se servir de' is an acceptable synonym for utiliser


Is "l'utilise" short for "lui utilise" ?


No, lui does not contract and is an indirect object pronoun; the contraction here is either le or la since you require a direct object pronoun to signify what you are using.

If you were instead to say "I give it to him," both the direct and indirect object pronouns could be used:

Je le lui donne / Je la lui donne

If you'd like to test yourself, tolearnfrench.com has one.

Edit: corrected example based on robertcolin's feedback by switching verb from utiliser to donner.


No, "Je le lui utilise / Je la lui utilise" isn't correct, Je l'utilise pour lui. And "l'" is contraction for "le" or "la" but that could be "I am using him (her)"


Thanks. You're correct, the 'le/la lui' construct doesn't work with utiliser.

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