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  5. "mI' jIHbe'! ghot jIH!"

"mI' jIHbe'! ghot jIH!"

Translation:I am not a number! I am a person!

May 10, 2018



There needs to be a variation of this with the phrase {mI' jIHbe'. loD tlhab jIH.} (and expect me to replace any further instances of the word {qama'} with the word {jav})


That would have been great, but this course doesn't currently teach the word tlhab.

There are a number of sentences I might have liked to add at some point but for which the course doesn't have the vocabulary -- we had to freeze the list of words at some point so that we could get the course ready for beta.

Perhaps in a future tree, the list of words can be expanded.

Also, jav will not be accepted for "prisoner" since it is described as a slang term; we aim to teach standard Klingon to beginners, and intermediate learners can go on to pick up slang later on during natural conversation.


You don't have to teach it, but maybe it could be accepted? I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed to find it was not...


We are not able to accept words that we have not taught and Duolingo discourages contributors from accepting slang unless that slang term is specifically being taught.


Didn't know that. Thanks for explaining


I'd like to disagree; from a technical point of view at least, we can accept all sorts of things in alternative answers (non-Best ones), whether we have taught those words or that grammar or not.

But accepting ghot tlhab jIH as a translation of "I am a person" is probably bad from a policy point of view, as that is not an accurate translation of the English sentence as given -- even if it might be an accurate translation of the English sentence we might have liked to use.

(I'll admit to sneaking in the one or other accepted translation that isn't, strictly speaking, a translation of the given sentence, though, as an easter egg.)


Sorry if that was unclear, but I was talking about jav being accepted as a synonym of qama'... I understand why we can't have ghot tlhab jIH.


About jav, it's the status of that word as "slang" that means we likely will not be including it.


Perhaps we'd also need {qatlh bIpaj}


I hope you'll include the phrase bImI' jav to this and round out this very excellent reference to "The Prisoner" maj QaQ.


What do you mean with the phrase bImI' jav? "You do gymnastics, six" ?


Sorry, I thought I said You are number 6!


mI' as a verb encompasses movement without a particular purpose (except perhaps mental or spiritual health) -- dancing, gymnastics, yoga, running in place, calisthenics, etc.

mI' as a noun means "number", but you can't add verb prefixes to a noun.

Think about how you would say "We are Klingons"; how would you say "you are a number"?

You can check your answer at https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27647544 :)


Sorry, I was trying to make a joke about the BBC sci-fi classic The Prisoner. He has an iconic line when they try to make him except that he is now number 6, he says "I am not a number, I am a free man!"


No problem, mizinamo was simply attempting to correct the gramatical error in your joke.
I am not a number!


You mean accept.

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