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  5. "I am in my house."

"I am in my house."

Translation:Ich bin in meinem Haus.

March 24, 2013



I think that one would usually say "Ich bin zu Hause."


And in English one would usually say "I'm at home" or "I'm home". Perhaps this was meant to be a more literal statement about being inside the building.


They for some reason have zu Hause and nach Hause way wrong on here


I vote for Ich bin Zu Hause' to be acceptable.


I don't think it's correct. "Ich bin zu Hause" means "I'm home". Your home could be an apartment or even your parents' house .... And you could own a house which is not your home. Therefore your suggestion would not be a good translation for the phrase "I am in my house".


Please report these ideas. Changes are made through this post.


Please remind me why we have: meinem my mind wetn blank.


Jaye16, as I understand it, meinem is the dative/neuter form of the possessive pronoun "mein". It ends in "em" because it takes the dative neuter ending. It takes the dative/neuter ending because it follows the preposition "in". See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_adjectives#Weak_and_strong_inflection

for some help with adjective endings, which, in this case, seem to match the possessive pronoun endings.


im = in + dem (dativ)


How can i tell when to use "in" and when to use "im"?

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