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  5. "raS DungDaq 'oHtaH quS'e'."

"raS DungDaq 'oHtaH quS'e'."

Translation:The chair is above the table.

May 10, 2018


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Chairs can be at tables, under tables or on tables. Unless they're levitating they can't be over tables.


Klingons throw chairs all the time, I'm sure it can happen.


Maybe "above" is a better translation than "over".


What about "on" or "on top of"? Or would that be a different word?


On is handled with the -Daq suffix: raSDaq 'oHtaH quS'e' The chair is on the table.

Although notice that it includes some ambiguity: this could also mean The chair is at the table. If you absolutely had to make the distinction, you could say raS yorDaq 'oHtaH quS'e' The table is on the top surface of the table and raS Daq 'oHtaH quS Daq'e' The chair's location is the table's location. (Daq is a separate Klingon word meaning location.)


Follow-up question then: Does DeSwarDaq mean in the cupboard or on top of the cupboard or both?


It can mean either, depending on context. -Daq signals that the noun it's attached to is the location at which the verb happens or the location the action of the verb is heading toward. It is not more specific than that.


I reported because the raS sounds more like ngaS.



It sounds to me more like rrraS, where the rrr is a "standard r", not a Klingon r.

(The final glottal stop is also not aspirated properly.)

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