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Is it duolingo or me?

In a question in which it asked me to translate "I need a big sandwich" I put "Yo quiero un sandwich grande" and it said I was wrong. I apparently was supposed to put "Yo REQUIERO un sandwich grande". When are you supposed to put requiero instead of quiero? Or is it just duolingo having problems? Please help...

May 10, 2018



You should have post “necesito” as “I need”. “Quiero” is “I want” which is not the same as “I need”. It said you should have put “Requiero” which is “I require” which is the same as “I need”.


Quiero = I want

Requiero = I require

Necesito = I need


Quiero is I want, and necesito is I need. Feel free to tell me if I made a mistake!


Quiero is not "I need".



Is it duolingo or me?

None of both.
It is http://www.duome.eu :-)

I am soooo sorry, but I simply could not resist writing this with your given "Steilvorlage im Betreff" :-) :-)

Feel free to down-vote my comment, because it is OFF-TOPIC.


You’re 342 on the leaderboard. How does have to do with anything?


I kinda remember this one. "Necesito un emperadado grande." Or "Necesito un gran emperadado." works just fine. Maybe "necesito" was what they were looking for.


"Requiero" could have been an acceptable translation for "I need". That is what Duolingo says to you, since it is similar in spelling. "Quiero" (I want) was wrong.


In addition to "Yo necesito x", you could have answered "Me falta x", which loosely translates as "I lack x" (because x is the subject, not the object, of the verb, as in "me gusta x").


I think it's you just because you didn't put emparedado for sandwich.

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