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What are your most memorable Spanish-English translations on Duolingo?

I'm interested to hear some of the comedy gold that Duolingo supplies... My favourite so far is "I am eating bread and crying on the floor"!

May 10, 2018



I really liked, " Tu camisa, por favor." :-)


Wait a minute, is that a pick-up line or a stick-up line?


I don't know. I thought it might come from a dry cleaner?


Either way, I was laughing out loud at it.


haha I like that one because it could be translated two different ways:

1). My cat speaks english! 2). My car jack speaks english!

what a quality sentence :)


Today I learned the Spanish word for 'car jack'. Very handy, thanks!


Also me, now my questions about gatô has been solved. I grew up in a Filipino-speaking community in which "gatô" is a car jack

I still remember our assignment when I was in Grade 5: Find pictures of "disturnilyador", "martilyo", "gatô", something like that. When I was searching "gato" (without the accent, since I know that accents are optional in Filipino, and I was lazy that time), I ended up with pictures of cats. I tried again, but now with the accent mark, I ended up with a complete nonsense. That wikipedia article was not there that time, so my homework was incomplete.


So the moral lesson there was, don't trust google image in your assignments.


I like this! It is quite funny though. When I was last in Tenerife I had to give a dog commands in Spanish, my mum thought it was hilarious but the poor thing wouldn't understand English!


My favorites are, "I am a horse. I speak English."

"The girl eats spiders."

"Are you an engine?"

"The birds read the newspaper."


“I am a duck. I speak Spanish.” Soy un pato. Yo hablo español.


There are some crackers, I agree, but none as bad as my attempt in Spain earlier this year, which had the owner of the property in stitches when I told her about her livestock, explaining to her the following in my perfect, hem-hem, Spanish:

-"Your black biscuit has laid an egg."

Evidently I was supposed to use "gallina" and not "galleta".


"Usted corta el queso."

The formal "usted" adds a lot.


"Sí, son reales. "


I remember I was talking to a lady in Spanish once, and I mentioned my girlfriend. I said: "tengo una novia de cinco años." and she was completely shocked until she figured out what I meant. She corrected me by explaining that I needed to say: "tengo una novia desde hace cinco años".

Evidently, how I said it made it sound like my girlfriend was 5 years old haha. Adding the "desde hace" clarifies that I've had a girlfriend since 5 years ago.


Speaking of girlfriend talk. This is not Spanish but it is similar.

I have a friend at Nantes. She is small, that's why I tend to call her "petite amie" or "ma petite amie" (petite = small f., amie = friend f.). I noticed that sometimes, she does not like being called like that, I could read that from her face and actions. Well, I'm a bully, maybe she just hates being called "petite".

One day, she told me that I could call her "petite", and "amie", but not "petite amie", I was shookt, what is the difference?

At first I thought it means "girl friend" (with a space), BUT IT WAS ACTUALLY "GIRLFRIEND", I want to jump to the Loire that time because I was so embarrased huhuhuhuhu


Insert Scarface joke.


What do you have under the shirt? That was interesting to explain to non-English speakers.


Um...uh...well, you see, uh...I, um...


"Las mujeres me siguen" haha

or: "Yo daría una fiesta para mi cumpleaños si tuviera más amigos"

Que triste!!!! jaja


I recently got some in Esperanto.

"The ugly baby dances fast."

"The dog and the pig dance at night."


There are comedies in lessons?? I didn't find any. O_o


They happen by accident as duo, working with a limited vocabulary because of you skill level, tries to make sentences.


"El elefante no es mio."

And someone added the comment.

"Thank you Duo, my spanish education is now complete"


"De todo eso, nada." Así es la vida.


My favourite is: "parecen reales". Would you ever say that, and what about, exactly?


“I am eating bread and crying on the floor” No, this is Norwegian.

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