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What are your most memorable Spanish-English translations on Duolingo?

I'm interested to hear some of the comedy gold that Duolingo supplies... My favourite so far is "I am eating bread and crying on the floor"!

May 10, 2018



I really liked, " Tu camisa, por favor." :-)


Wait a minute, is that a pick-up line or a stick-up line?


haha I like that one because it could be translated two different ways:

1). My cat speaks english! 2). My car jack speaks english!

what a quality sentence :)


I like this! It is quite funny though. When I was last in Tenerife I had to give a dog commands in Spanish, my mum thought it was hilarious but the poor thing wouldn't understand English!


My favorites are, "I am a horse. I speak English."

"The girl eats spiders."

"Are you an engine?"

"The birds read the newspaper."


“I am a duck. I speak Spanish.” Soy un pato. Yo hablo español.


There are some crackers, I agree, but none as bad as my attempt in Spain earlier this year, which had the owner of the property in stitches when I told her about her livestock, explaining to her the following in my perfect, hem-hem, Spanish:

-"Your black biscuit has laid an egg."

Evidently I was supposed to use "gallina" and not "galleta".


"Usted corta el queso."

The formal "usted" adds a lot.

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