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Easy ways to remember the different versions of certain word

I struggle remembering these things. I'm on Acc. Case. I am having trouble remembering the different versions, i have my notes on that lesson. I know it has to do with the subject (the nominative case) and the thing receiving the action (the accusative object) but i still cant distinguish what word to use with what subject.


May 11, 2018



to drink (trinken)
to eat (essen)
to read (lesen)

Verbs are "conjugated" depending on tense (present, past), person (1st, 2nd, 3rd), and number (singular, plural).

First Person: I drink
Second Person: you drink
Third Person: he/she/it drinks <--- what is that 's' doing there? It is the "conjugated" form for 3rd person singular.

In German, there are more variations of the conjugations.

First Person: ich trinke
Second Person: du trinkst
Third Person: er/sie/es trinkt

(Ignoring the plural forms for now.)

Ich trinke Wasser. I drink water.
Du trinkst Wasser. You drink water.
Sie trinkt Wasser. She drinks water.

I/You/She are all nominative (subject) pronouns which is what regulates the verb conjugation. The Akkusative (direct object) noun is Wasser, which does not effect the verb at all.

Der Mann trinkt Wasser. (The man drinks water.)
Die Frau trinkt Wasser. (The woman drinks water.)

The drinker matters when conjugating the verb.
The water does not matter.


Different versions of which word?


Sorry i was unclear, i meant words like drink, eat and read. I meant to specify

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