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  5. "Jdeš sem?"

"Jdeš sem?"

Translation:Are you coming here?

May 11, 2018



What is the difference between "tady" and "sem"?


tady is a location, sem is a direction (hither)


Thank you :) But I still don't understand what hither mean :(
In Polish we use both tu(tutaj)/tam/gdzie for a location and a direction.

Is this about the difference between Jsem ve škole. (a place) and Jdu do školy. (a direction)?

So sem 'hither' is something like "to here/to this place"? And does it connect with the movement verbs? e.g. Jdeme sem. (while Jsme tady.)?

So how are:

  • there/that place (a place)
  • to there/to that place (a direction)
  • where (a place)
  • where to (a direction)

in Czech?

Thank you for help. :)


Why is "are you going here" not accepted?


Taky by mě to zajímalo, co je na "Are you going here?" špatně?

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